Lynchburg Captures Baseball Title

Plus: PROP Day. Football Clock Rule Delayed. 6v6 in Women's Lax. Video Review for Men's Lax

JUNE 9, 2023 | written by STEVE ULRICH

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»👋 Happy Friday. And let’s say a final goodbye to the 2022-23 season!

» 📅 What’s Happening This Weekend: DIII Institute for Administrative Advancement and DIII New AD Orientation (Saturday-Sunday).

1. Lynchburg Captures Baseball Title

Lynchburg won its first NCAA Baseball Championship with a 7-6 victory over Johns Hopkins in a winner-take-all thriller in Cedar Rapids.

Jackson Harding delivered a bases-clearing double in the bottom of the fifth to erase a 5-4 deficit for the Hornets. The Blue Jays scored once in the top of the eighth, had a runner thrown out at the plate, and left the bases full. Wes Arrington went 1-2-3 in the ninth, striking out the final batter for the championship.

Hopkins forced the decisive game three with an 11-6 victory over Lynchburg earlier in the day. Gabriel Romano allowed just one earned run in a complete-game effort. Jimmy Stevens and Matthew Cooper each hit a home run and combined for seven RBI.


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2. Coming In 2024 - 1st Down Clock Rule

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Thursday voted to delay implementation of football first-down timing rules for Division III competition until 2024, pending an impact study of the change. This rule was already approved for Division I and II games, starting next season.

The NCAA Football Rules Committee will conduct an impact study to monitor the effect this rule has on the game throughout the 2023 season and will consider any adjustments at its February/March 2024 annual meeting.”

Under the new rule in Division I and II games, the game clock will continue to run when a first down is gained. The game clock will be stopped when a first down is gained during the last two minutes of either half. However, Division III games will continue to have the game clock stopped when a first down is gained. The clock will restart when the offense is awarded a first down.”

» Field Awareness: “The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel referred this issue back to the rules committee in April after the Division III Management Council raised concerns about how the new first-down timing rule might affect Division III football teams.”

3. Rules Committee Recap

“At its meetings this week in Indianapolis, the NCAA Women's Lacrosse Rules Committee proposed 6-v-6 play when the ball is possessed below the restraining line, beginning with the 2023-24 academic year.

Under the proposal, teams would play 11 vs. 11 in total. Currently, NCAA women's lacrosse games are conducted with teams playing 7 vs. 7 below the restraining line and 12 vs. 12 overall.

Committee members think the changes would mitigate the congestion in the critical scoring area of the field and create more space that could encourage growth and enhance the safety of players. The recommendation also could improve officials' identification of three-second, shooting-space and off-ball fouls.”

» Other Proposals: “To curtail physical play outside the critical scoring area, the committee proposed increasing the scenarios when teams have the advantage of playing a player up. Green cards, which are one-minute releasable penalties, will be given to teams committing fouls such as: Blocking/illegal picks, Charging, Cross checks, Forcing through, Holding, Illegal use of the stick, Pushing, and Tripping.”

» What They’re Saying:I absolutely love the new rule change to go to 6v6 on offense. To have more space on offense means the players can do different shots (step downs, outside shots) and they can be more creative as well. We need a safer game and I think these changes will be a step in the right direction.” - Mike Faith, Franklin & Marshall head coach

» The Final Word: “All rule proposals must be approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel before becoming official. The panel is scheduled to discuss women's lacrosse rules recommendations July 19.”


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4. Expanded Video Review Proposed

“The Men's Lacrosse Rules Committee, in a virtual meeting this week, proposed expanding video review that would include coaches' challenges for the 2023-24 academic year for all NCAA competitions, not just during NCAA championships.

Under the proposal, a coach could use a challenge until the last four minutes of regulation. Referee discretion could be used at any time during the game.”

» Elsewhere: The committee proposed that any time a player's helmet comes off during a live ball scenario, the officials would stop play immediately. The player would be required to leave the field of play. Play would restart once the player reaches the sidelines.

» Be Smart: All rule proposals must be approved by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is scheduled to discuss men's lacrosse rules recommendations July 19.

5. Lightning Round ⚡️

🗞 News. A number of Division III championship teams will be honored at the White House on June 12 at the inaugural College Athlete Day to recognize the 2022-23 NCAA champions from all three divisions. North Central football, Denison women’s swimming and the UW-La Crosse track and field teams are among those who have accepted the invitation.

 🎂  Happy Birthday. Cake and candles for our friend Mike Cantele and Christian Liverman (Fri.), Francis Tommasino, Liam Galligan and Stan Hodgin (Sat.), and Robin Baker, Rebecca Mullen, Jon Ellmann and Nate Stewart (Sun.).

6. Comings and Goings

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