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Baker’s Athlete Labor Claims Get Pushback

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NOVEMBER 15, 2023 | written by STEVE ULRICH

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1. Baker’s Athlete Labor Claims Get Pushback

by Daniel Libit, Sportico

“While testifying before a Senate Judiciary Committee last month, new NCAA president Charlie Baker sought to make the case that it isn’t just the association that opposes college athletes becoming employees of their institutions. The athletes, Baker submitted, are almost entirely in opposition, as well.

Relying on seven months’ worth of personal experience, Baker told lawmakers he had “talked to probably a thousand student-athletes since I got this job, and I haven’t talked to one yet [who] wants to be an employee. I think that’s important.”

The under-oath comment set off the BS detectors of NCAA skeptics inside and outside of college sports, including that of UCLA senior backup quarterback Chase Griffin.”

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