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Baker Sees Expanded Media Rights, Gambling As New Revenue Opportunities for College Sports

Plus: PROP Changes for Basketball and Wrestling.

JUNE 12, 2023 | written by STEVE ULRICH

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1. Baker Sees Expanded Media Rights, Gambling As New Revenue Opportunities for College Sports

by Karen Weaver, Forbes Sports contributor

“In a series of eye-opening comments made last week, NCAA President Charlie Baker hinted at several potential new college sports revenue streams. At an event titled “The Future of College Sports” hosted by the University of Arizona and President Robert C. Robbins in Washington, D.C., he shared some insight as to where he thinks that money will come from.

The NCAA brings in less than $1 billion annually via men’s basketball March Madness media rights, tickets and sponsorships. With the College Football Playoff projecting $1 billion in new monies for just the Division I FBS teams and leagues participating in that postseason event, the financial gap will only widen unless the NCAA can kick in more money.

Baker believes the organization has financially underperformed, and he is considering some controversial options, including monetizing sports betting relationships.”

» Quotable: “The truth is, if there are lots of kids on campus betting on college sports and betting on the teams on their campus, this puts student-athletes in a very difficult position. ... (The NCAA needs to) create a program that we hope we're going to get everybody to endorse around helping them develop the tools and techniques (athletes are) going to need to deal with this stuff.”

» The Final Word:There is no doubt Charlie Baker has a full plate. The organization he inherited is in disarray and needs clear direction. New revenues will be welcome at a time when higher education is struggling. Careful, measured analysis needs to lead the discussion as, once again, the pressure on athletes and coaches to deliver will continue to grow.”



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2. 3-Point Takedown Approved

“The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Thursday approved making all takedowns in wrestling worth 3 points, effective with the 2023-24 season.

Members of the Wrestling Rules Committee, which proposed the change, agreed that increasing the scoring for takedowns by an additional point will enhance the sport by rewarding offensive actions and risk-taking.

The committee also agreed there was a need to create a more appropriate point differential between takedowns and escapes and incentivize offense when competitors are in the neutral position.”

» Also Approved: “Eliminating the hand-touch takedown also was approved by the panel. Rules committee members think demonstrating control is an important component of college wrestling, so it made sense to eliminate the hand-touch takedown in favor of a single requirement for all takedowns.”

» I’m Just A Hairy Guy:The rule limiting facial hair to no longer than half an inch has been eliminated.”

3. Flopping Rule Coming In 2024

Women's basketball players judged to have flopped will be issued a warning on the first offense, with a technical foul being charged for any subsequent infractions, beginning in the 2023-24 season.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved the new rule during a virtual meeting Thursday.

Under the new rule, the second and any subsequent flop calls will add to the team foul count but would not count toward a player's five fouls leading to disqualification.”

» Other Rule Changes:The panel approved reducing the restricted-area arc from 4 feet in the lane to the area directly underneath the basket. Defenders cannot establish a legal guarding position directly underneath the basket. This rule also eliminates the lower defensive box rule.”

» What’s In A Number: Players will be allowed to wear numbers 0-99.


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4. Change To Legal Guarding Position Approved

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Thursday approved a men's basketball rules change for the 2023-24 season to the legal guarding position on block/charge scenarios involving defenders around the basket.

Under the new rule, a defender will have to be in position to draw a charge at the time an offensive player plants a foot to go airborne to attempt a field goal. If the defender arrives after the offensive player plants a foot to launch toward the basket, officials will be instructed to call a block when contact occurs between the two players.”

» Elsewhere: “A timeout will be able to be granted when a player has possession of the ball even though the player is airborne. (An example would be a player grabbing a loose ball and calling timeout before landing out of bounds.)”

» The Number Game: “Players will be allowed to wear numbers 0-99.”

5. Lightning Round ⚡️

🗞 News. Bethel’s Kayla Simacek and Salisbury’s Lindsey Windsor named NFCA Division III Pitcher and Player of the Year, respectively.

 🎂  Happy Birthday. Cake and candles for Terrance Lockhart and Mike Turner. Early returns for Kate Kindbom and Jeffrey Rahmlow (Tues.).

6. Comings and Goings

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