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FBS Schools Begin Sabre Rattling


written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  FBS Schools Begin Sabre Rattling

by Dennis Dodds, CBS Sports

"Last month, the professional organization representing FBS (Football Bowl Series)  athletic directors issued what amounted to a veiled ultimatum. The "overwhelming majority" of those ADs at a Lead1 Association meeting in Washington D.C. had a "strong preference" the NCAA continue running major-college football if the association "can be more streamlined and less bureaucratic."

Or else … what?

The answer has opened the door to perhaps not a breakaway of major college football and basketball but at least a forming picture of what a new structure would look like. A growing number of those ADs believe they have a unique and powerful hammer as leverage if the NCAA doesn't clean up its act.

"If not," a Lead1 executive said. "We would explore other options."

>> Court Awareness: "Among those implied options, CBS Sports has learned, is leveraging schools' participation in the NCAA Tournament. While a separate basketball tournament operated outside of the NCAA isn't likely anytime soon, the ADs' realization they could create such an event provides a picture as to how the NCAA's two biggest sports will be run in the future."

>> Reality Check: "Basketball is involved in the discussion because the revenue from the NCAA Tournament is used by the association to essentially run major-college football. The NCAA does not sponsor an FBS championship. Meanwhile, the tournament is the mother's milk of the association itself bringing approximately $800 million per year. Approximately 80% of that goes back to the members."

>> Of Note: "For the first time during that Lead1 meeting, a price tag was put on what it would take to run the FBS: $65 million annually. That figure was revealed during a slide presentation by Kathleen McNeely, the NCAA's former CFO and currently a Lead1 consultant."

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2.  DIII Churns Out Announcing Talent

by Jake Baskin, Sports Broadcast Journal

"If you look at the list of the best sports broadcasting schools in America, published by the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America, you’ll note some trends:

Power 5 mainstays such as Syracuse (Bob Costas), Arizona State (Al Michaels), or much of the Big Ten Northwestern (Brent Musburger); an assortment of smaller D1 state schools like Ball State or Ohio University, or a mid-sized of those around a major city—think Hofstra or Fordham. Those schools have earned built reputations over the years.

But without nearly as much fanfare, Division II, Division III, and non-NCAA schools have consistently churned out top play-by-play announcers as well. From longtime national mainstays,  Greg Gumbel (Loras) and Kenny Albert (NYU) to current network leads Brian Anderson (St. Mary’s of Texas) and Kevin Burkhardt (William Paterson), Howie Rose (Queens College), this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Even studio hosts such as Curt Menefee (Coe) and sideline reporters like Kaylee Hartung (Washington and Lee) have proven you can find great sports media figures anywhere. One reason is simply so many more jobs available."

But who’s coming up next? I came up with a list of eight play-by-play announcers under the age of 45 who went to schools not labeled Division I. Some have already made it to the big time, some aren’t far from it, but all deserve your attention."

Division III Grads

  1. Brendan Burke, Ithaca (TNT’s #2 NHL announcer)
  2. Joe Davis, Beloit (#2 NFL announcer, voice of the World Series)
  3. Lowell Galindo, Emerson (Longhorn Network)
  4. Aaron Goldsmith, Principia (voice of Seattle Mariners)
  5. Stephen Nelson, Chapman (PBP for Apple TV MLB package, and co-host of Intentional Talk)
  6. Wayne Randazzo, North Central (NY Mets #2 play-by-play announcer)
  7. John Sadak, Rowan (Cincinnati Reds TV voice)
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4.  Calendar

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6 - Minority Opportunities and Interest Committee
17-18 - Management Council
19 - Interpretations and Legislation Committee
19 - Membership Committee
25 - Championships Committee
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5.  Comings and Goings

6.  Happy Meals for Adults

McDonald's is serving up nostalgia with new "boxed meals" for adults with "a surprise inside," Axios' Kelly Tyko reports.

  • The limited-edition combo meals launch today as part of the fast-food giant's collaboration with a popular streetwear fashion label, Cactus Plant Flea Market.

Why it matters: McDonald's said it is reimagining the "feeling of pure joy when you ordered a Happy Meal as a kid" to reignite "a new generation’s love for our food and the brand."

One of four toys is included with the meal (Big Mac or McNuggets) — three iconic McDonald's characters (Grimace, the Hamburglar, Birdie), along with a new "Cactus Buddy!"

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