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Welcome to Division III Football


written by STEVE ULRICH
your must-read briefing on what's driving the day in NCAA Division III
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1.  Welcome to Division III Football

Salisbury Football on to D3 Football's Elite 8 after convincing win over  Union - WTOP News
by Greg Thomas, D3sports.com

"There are certain things that you can count on with Week 1 of the Division III football season. Maybe it’s way-too-warm tailgates. Or too many false starts by that new offensive line group. Or wonky clock graphics on web broadcasts (hang in there — we know it gets better!). All of those things, taken together, are exhilarating. It means we made it — it’s football season.

If you’re new to D3football.com, welcome! Whether you’re a fan of a local team, a parent of a student-athlete, or a student at a Division III school, you’re about to find out how special Division III athletics are. 

Division III football schools are more heavily weighted toward the northern and eastern half of the U.S. Of the 240 schools, 27 are in Pennsylvania, 21 in Ohio, 19 in Massachusetts and 19 in New York. There are more Division III football schools in Massachusetts, in fact, than there are in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones combined."

>> Field Awareness: "Most of Division III is made up of smaller, private schools, but Division III is the largest (by far) division in the NCAA. Despite having roughly twice the number of teams and many thousands more student-athletes that our Division I FBS counterparts, we still rank just 25 teams and name All-American teams with just 11 players per side, plus specialists.

>> Reality Check: "That means it’s roughly twice as difficult to make the D3football.com Top 25 than it is in Division I. It means that being named an All-American is a truly elite honor. Think about it — four quarterbacks get named to our All-American teams. Four out of 240 starting quarterbacks in the division. The exclusivity of the Top 25 or All-American lists is off the charts — something to keep in mind if your favorite team is 3-0 in a couple of weeks and not receiving Top 25 votes."

>> The Big Picture: "240 teams means a lot of conferences. 28 in all. Each with their own acronyms. What’s a NEWMAC? What’s the difference between the MIAC and the MIAA?Of those 28 conferences, 27 get automatic bids to the playoffs. There are just 32 teams in the playoffs, so that leaves just five at-large bids."

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2.  MIT, Williams Sit Atop Rankings

by Sarah Wood, US News

"No two students are exactly the same when it comes to the college search. Some prioritize location, academic programs, low student-to-faculty ratios or a large sports presence, while others want a school with a strong emphasis on research and internships.

To help students find a school that fits their needs, U.S. News released its 2022-2023 Best Colleges rankings today. A total of 1,500 colleges and universities were ranked this year, with more than 1,850 schools reporting most of the data to U.S. News in an annual survey. Data was collected from schools in spring and summer of 2022, and ACT and SAT scores reflect testing periods from 2020 to 2021."

Top 10 National Universities

  1. MIT (#2 overall)
  2. Chicago (6)
  3. Johns Hopkins (7)
  4. Caltech (9)
  5. Washington U. (16)
  6. Carnegie Mellon (T-22)
  7. Emory (T-22)
  8. NYU (T-25)
  9. Tufts (T-32)
  10. Rochester (T-36)
>> Complete List

Top 20 National Liberal Arts Colleges
  1. Williams (#1 overall)
  2. Amherst (2)
  3. Pomona (3)
  4. Swarthmore (4)
  5. Wellesley (5)
  6. Bowdoin (T-6)
  7. Carleton (T-6)
  8. Claremont-McKenna (9)
  9. Middlebury (T-11)
  10. Washington and Lee (T-11)
11-15: Smith, Vassar, Grinnell, Hamilton, Haverford, Wesleyan (Conn.)
17-20: Colby, Bates, Berea, Colorado College

>> Complete List

Top 5 Regional Universities
  • North: TCNJ; Midwest: John Carroll; South: Berry; West: Whitworth
>> Complete List

Top 5 Regional Colleges
  • North: Coast Guard; South: Wesleyan (Ga.); Midwest: Illinois Wesleyan; West: Texas Lutheran
>> Complete List

Chi Alpha Sigma is the first, and only, national scholar-athlete society to honor those four-year collegiate student-athletes who have excelled in both the classroom and in athletic competition.

Founded in 1996 and with over 300 active chapters nationwide, Chi Alpha Sigma recognizes undergraduate college student-athletes who participate in a sport at the varsity intercollegiate level, achieve junior academic standing or higher after their fifth full time semester, and earn a 3.4 or higher cumulative grade point average. One institutional chapter membership will induct all eligible student-athletes each year and the student-athletes are recognized for life and never asked to pay any fees themselves.

To start a chapter on your campus today, contact Kellen Wells-Mangold, Executive Director, at kellen@ncahs.org or visit chialphasigma.org for more information.

3.  The Future of NIL and Compensating College Athletes With Mark Emmert

NCAA President Mark Emmert and Kristi Dosh
by Kristi Dosh, Business of College Sports

"On Friday, September 9th, I was joined on campus at the University of Florida by NCAA President Mark Emmert. Special thanks to the UF Institute for Coaching Excellence for hosting this, which was an interview for both of the NIL courses I teach at UF in the Sports Management and PR departments. Students and athletes alike were invited, and I appeared in my capacity as a professor. Although this was not a media interview, the NCAA has granted me permission to share it.

In our nearly 90 minutes together, we discussed Emmett’s thoughts on NIL so far, where he thinks NIL is headed in the future and related issues like whether student athletes will, or should be, employees."

>> Students as Employees: "Employment law doesn’t differentiate whether it’s a high-revenue sport or a low-revenue sport. It’s based upon what is the relationship between the employee and the employer. So, if the football team at Florida are employees, so are the gymnasts, so are the tennis players, so is the softball team."

>> Brand Ambassadors: “If part of the marketing model for a university or college is the athletic department, why not figure out how to reward the students relative to their contribution to that marketing model?”

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