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Presidents Council Recap


written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  Presidents Council Recap

by Justin Whitaker, NCAA


"The Division III Presidents Council approved a recommendation from the Division III Management Council to sponsor a proposal that would alter the composition and representation of the Management and Presidents Councils and six additional standing Division III governance committees in preparation for the 2023 NCAA Convention.

The council voted to sponsor the Convention proposal, which includes the following alterations to the existing legislation:

  • Representation from each multisport conference on either the Presidents Council or the Management Council. The Presidents Council would not exceed 20 members, and the remaining conferences would be represented on the Management Council.
  • Consistency in size and regional representation on the six governance committees. The proposal recommends the Championships Committee and Strategic Planning and Finance Committee have 12 members and the Interpretations and Legislation, Financial Aid, Membership, and Nominating Committees have 10 members. It also requires a minimum of two members from each legislated geographic region.
  • Opportunities for a broader pool of athletics administrators to participate in the governance structure.
  • The addition of student-athlete, faculty athletics representative and conference office voices on governance committees where such representation is not currently present.
The Division III Presidents Advisory Group held a meeting Monday and examined the philosophy statement in a roundtable discussion. Breakout conversations centered on Division III's philosophy statements and possible changes to modernize the guidelines. The Presidents Council tasked the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee with overseeing the review, which may include a membership survey in the fall and roundtable discussion and feedback during the Division III Issues Forum at the 2023 NCAA Convention."

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2. DIII Commissioners Select Regional Student-Athletes of the Year

"Twenty student-athletes were recognized as regional winners of the inaugural Division III Commissioners' Association Student-Athlete of the Year awards.

Each of the winners will advance to the national ballot for consideration for 2021-22 DIIICA Men’s Sport Student-Athlete of the Year and Women’s Sport Student-Athlete of the Year.

Selection criteria for the awards included considerations based on academic achievement, athletics excellence, service and leadership and a personal statement submitted by each nominee.

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3. Cooper Ready to Serve

by Ron Chimelis, MassLive

"Springfield College President Mary-Beth Cooper describes herself as an optimist.

She must be, to take on her role this month as a member of the NCAA board of governors. It’s a job laden with prestige — and yet, given the organization’s current state, one many people might take any necessary steps to avoid if asked.

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4. Financial Aid Is A Sham


by Kevin Carey, Slate

"In early March, a 17-year-old high school senior I’ll call Ethan got a text message from Ursinus College, a small, private liberal arts school located about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. It said, “Great news, [Ethan]! Ursinus College has awarded you additional money! Log into your portal to view your updated financial aid award.”

A few days later, Ethan got a letter from Ursinus repeating the same offer. “The Office of Student Financial Aid recently received additional information regarding your application for financial aid and, as a result, a change has been made to your original award,” it said. In December, Ursinus had offered Ethan a “Gateway Scholarship” of $35,000 to offset the college’s listed price of more than $72,000 for tuition, room, and board. Now it had added a “Grizzly Grant” (Ursinus’ mascot is a bear) of $3,500 to the mix.

Meanwhile, Ethan has a cousin who is also a high school senior. I’ll call her Ashley. Her overall academic profile was better than Ethan’s—higher grades and lots of AP courses, somewhat lower SATs. But her economic circumstances were not. Ashley also lives in Maryland. Her mother, a single parent, dropped out of community college and works in the back office of a local restaurant chain. Her income is well below the median for someone with college-age children, and she has no real financial assets to fall back on.

Ethan and Ashley were learning a lesson about the way the business of higher education actually works in this country: College financial aid is largely an illusion. Government financial aid is real, if inadequate—federal Pell grants and state appropriations to reduce tuition at public universities definitely exist. But the financial aid purportedly provided by colleges themselves is mostly fiction."

>> Situational Awareness: "But while schools may not love talking about it, nothing about this system is a secret within higher education. For instance, after taking a job in the enrollment management industry, former Ursinus vice president for enrollment Richard DiFeliciantonio wrote an essay for Inside Higher Ed in which he explained that the “financial aid matrix” colleges rely on is essentially “the same pricing technique taught to M.B.A.s and commonly used by corporations for commercial products.” He noted that the formula considers a student’s academic achievement mostly as a “proxy” for their willingness to pay for college (as opposed to a measure of merit)."

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5.  Lightning Round 


  Happy Birthday

Cake and candles to
  • Monday: John Wright, Cortland, football student , Cortland
  • Tuesday: Scott Ames, Western Connecticut, athletic communications; Andy Foltz, assistant AD, head rowing coach, Pacific Lutheran; JJ Akin, director of media relations, Gustavus Adolphus
  • Wednesday: Joel Luedke, athletic trainer, UW-La Crosse; Mike Boucher, SID, Cairn.
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