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Keeping the Secret


written by STEVE ULRICH
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1. Keeping the Secret

How can two people keep a secret? - Quora
by Seth Emerson, The Athletic 

"Their working relationship dated back nearly two decades to a sports management program at Stanford — John Swofford, mentor, and Kevin Anderson, mentee. There was history. Camaraderie. And strong mutual respect.

So when the ACC decided to expand in 2011, Swofford, the ACC commissioner, designated Anderson, Maryland’s athletic director, as one of his point people. The result was a stunning moment for college athletics: the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the league.

Anderson had completed his mission. But he soon turned to his own secret plan: engineering Maryland’s departure from the ACC, of which it was a charter member, to the Big Ten. It was a move that — by design — caught almost everyone by surprise, including Swofford.

A few months later, Swofford approached Anderson at a conference.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Swofford asked.

Anderson looked at his former mentor matter-of-factly.

“John, I learned a lot of this from you,” he answered. “I saw what happened and how you did it.”

>> Situational Awareness: "And that’s the way conference realignment is still being done — in closed-door meetings with only a chosen few in the loop. On June 30, USC and UCLA submitted formal applications to join the Big Ten, and school presidents unanimously approved their applications that same day. A source involved in the Big Ten’s discussions with USC estimated only about 10 people at the school were aware of the talks until a week before, when preparations for the announcement began."

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2.  Keeping The Secret in DIII

If you've been around Division III long enough ... you have probably seen your Conference do the expansion dance.

What's that, you say?

Kicking the tires and checking under the hood at an institution that you think would be a fit in your conference.

You might be adding an associate member for a sport or two (i.e. think ice hockey, lacrosse or women's golf). You might be thinking it's time to bolster our lineup (think NEWMAC football replacing Catholic with Salve Regina). You might just want additional dues (think ...)

Fortunately, I worked at what I always referred to as a "destination" conference, or, one that others aspired to join. So I never had to deal with members being poached by another conference and the hurt feelings that come along with that.

But I have friends still in the business that bear the scars of their expansion dance. With just 44 conference commissioners in DIII, the group can seem like family ... until membership comes up.

>> Court Awareness: When the chair of the Conference's Presidents Council says to keep discussions under wraps, as a commissioner, you're not talking to anybody. For obvious reasons. Even to your good friend at the neighboring conference. See the conundrum?

>> Background. Our friend Pat Coleman and his team at have been covering the "Conference Shuffle" for over two decades. We share the article below for a history lesson.

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3.  Postgraduate Scholarship Recipients

Eleven NCAA Division III students were recipients of NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships for the spring 2021-22 season.

The NCAA awards up to 126 postgraduate scholarships annually.  The scholarships are awarded to student-athletes who excel academically and athletically and who are at least in their final year of intercollegiate athletics competition.

The one-time non-renewable scholarships of $10,000 are awarded three times a year corresponding to each sport season (fall, winter and spring).  Each sports season there are 21 scholarships available for men and 21 scholarships available for women for use in an accredited graduate program.

All former student-athletes who earned an undergraduate degree from an NCAA member school are eligible to be nominated by that school for an NCAA graduate degree scholarship, regardless of when they received their undergraduate degree. 

Melinda Cornwall
, Carnegie Mellon, tennis
Gina Dello Russo, Stevens, track and field
Makenzie Fisher, Wheaton, Ill., track and field
Ekaolise Jose, Washington, Mo., track and field
Payton Rahn, Ripon, track and field
Brooke Swain, Wooster, softball

>> Complete List

Kyle Callahan, DePauw, baseball
Andrew Cochran, Ohio Northern, tennis
Max Goodhue, Wartburg, baseball
Davis Graham, Ohio Wesleyan, baseball
Sullivan McCreery, Sewanee, baseball

>> Complete List


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4. Mitrano Talks DIII Transformation

Chuck Mitrano, Empire 8 Commissioner and chair of the Division III Championships Committee, sat down to talk with Karen Weaver recently about the changes taking place in college athletics and DIII.

>> Show Notes: "We cover a wide range of topics on the future of Division III, and discuss the Empire 8's substantive proposal on mental health safety nets for athletes on campus. We also discuss what happened in January, 2022. The NCAA reverted back to the “one school, one vote” rules that were eliminated in the late 1990s, a huge opportunity to influence the direction of NCAA policy. Chuck walks us through why that happened, and in particular, the discussions surrounding increasing the amount of money DIII receives from the CBS/Turner contract (currently at 3.18%). This impacts how Division III championships are funded and managed.

>> Listen

5.  Lightning Round 


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  • Matt White was named assistant commissioner of the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference. He joins the UMAC after serving as sports information and operations director at Crown.

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  • Saturday: Kayla Tidrick, assistant AD, Heidelberg
  • Sunday: Ana Pistilli, alum, North Park

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