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Should College Athletes Be Paid?


written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  Should College Athletes Be Paid?


The 'Illegal Procedure' Of Paying College Athletes : NPR
by Laine Higgins, Wall Street Journal

"College sports are in the midst of a wild period of transformation that could ultimately lead to what some see as the wildest shift of all: paying salaries to college athletes.

In the last two years, athletes have won the ability to transfer freely between schools, sign endorsement deals and earn academic stipends of up to $2,990 per semester. Up next could be reclassifying college athletes as employees who share in the revenues they help generate for their universities.

“I don’t know how exactly, I don’t know when exactly, but I think it’s safe to say [athlete employment] is the direction that the entire national landscape is pointing,” says Casey Schwab, chief executive of college-athletics consulting firm Altius Sports Partners and former head of business affairs for the NFL Players Association. “The weather vane is clearly pointing towards this athletes’ rights movement continuing to get bigger and bigger and bigger.”

>> Situational Awareness: "These developments have people seriously contemplating what an employment model could actually look like in college sports. These developments have people seriously contemplating what an employment model could actually look like in college sports. Teams might form unions to bargain on working conditions and wages with their coaches or perhaps even split off from academics altogether—changes that could have a major impact on what fans will be watching 10 years from now."

>> What's Next: "Three charges of unfair labor practices relating to athletes are before the NLRB. A case arguing that schools have violated athletes’ ability to collect wages, brought against the NCAA by a former Villanova University football player, is being tried in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Pennsylvania. And, in Congress, several bills that aim to protect and expand college athletes’ rights have been introduced with bipartisan support. That has some gaming out what athlete employment would actually look like."

>> Possible Scenarios: Could those athletes in sports that generate a net profit - read, football, basketball - become salaried employees of the school? Could all athletes be classified as salaried employees? Or, might schools' athletic departments 'break away' from the academic institution?

>> The Last Word: “If the industry sees the writing on the wall, maybe they won’t resist as much,” predicts college-rights advocate Ramogi Huma, adding, “It’s already in motion.”

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2. Creating the CCS


Collegiate Conference of the South Logo Digital Release - Agnes Scott  College

by Troy Provost-Heron, The Daily Times

"Maryville College president Dr. Bryan Coker describes the creation of the Collegiate Conference of the South and his ascendance as one of its primary leaders as an “interesting evolution.”

The more discussions about splitting the USA South Athletic Conference in to two separate conferences grew, the more Coker and Maryville College athletics director Sara Quatrocky dove into what it would take to make it a reality.

Before long, they found themselves leading the charge for the formation of the league that begins sponsoring competition this fall."

>> Situational Awareness: "The USA South, which was the nation’s largest NCAA Division III conference, had passing discussions about splitting its then 18-team league in half in recent years, but the COVID-19 pandemic gave league members a glimpse of what it could look like. There was also the realization amid that segregated schedule that decisions and conversations, especially in regard to COVID protocols and scheduling changes, were much easier to have when the discourse was between nine schools instead of the entire conference."

>> What's Next: "The USA South held a Zoom call shortly after CCS’ confirmation that essentially amounted to a goodbye. After its conclusion, Coker sent another Zoom link to the presidents of other eight member schools for a meeting that began to shape what the conference wants to stand for. Those ideologies and standards will become more concrete during a conference meeting at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia on Aug. 4."

>> Quotable: “What does this group of smaller, private, largely residential and overall pretty liberal-arts oriented colleges and universities want its athletic programs to be? What can we offer that is a little different than what other conferences are offering?," said Coker.

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3. Changes to Dive Play Coming in Men's Lax

In men's lacrosse, a goal scored while the offensive player is propelled into the crease/goal mouth due to illegal contact by the defender will count, starting with the 2023 season.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved the new rule during a conference call Wednesday.

Previously in this scenario, the goal would not count.

Also ...

  • The panel also approved a more-defined penalty structure for players who contact opponents in the head or neck
  • Beginning next season, the crosse on players' sticks cannot have protrusions or sharp edges

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4. Football History

We continue our historical look at fall championships with NCAA Division III football.

Most Championships
Mount Union 13, Wisconsin-Whitewater 6, Augustana IL 4, Ithaca 3, Dayton 2, Saint John's 2, Widener 2, Wisconsin-La Crosse 2, Wittenberg 2, Albion 1, Allegheny 1, Baldwin Wallace 1, Central 1, Linfield 1, Mary Hardin-Baylor 1, North Central IL 1, Pacific Lutheran 1, Wagner 1, West Georgia 1.

Most Appearances Without a National Title
Washington & Jefferson 26, Rowan 16, Wesley 15, Wartburg 14, St. Norbert 13, Trinity TX 13, Hobart 12, Lycoming 12, Union 12, Albion 12, Salisbury 12.

Most Wins in NCAA Tournament
Mount Union 107, Wisconsin-Whitewater 58, Saint John's 43, Mary Hardin-Baylor 39, Rowan 31, Wesley 30, Ithaca 28, Linfield 28, Central 24, Washington & Jefferson 23.

Most Stagg Bowl Appearances
Mount Union 21, Wisconsin-Whitewater 10, Ithaca 7, Augustana IL 5, Dayton 5, Wittenberg 4, Central 3, Mary Hardin-Baylor 3, Saint John's 3, Lycoming 2, North Central IL 2, St. Thomas MN 2, Union 2, Washington & Jefferson 2, Widener 2, Wisconsin-La Crosse 2.

italics indicate no longer member of NCAA DIII


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5.  Lightning Round 


  Happy Birthday

Cake and candles to
  • Monday: Tamlyn Tills, head women's basketball coach, Lake Forest; Terry VanAuken, business manager, FDU-Florham.
  • Tuesday: Daniella Irle, retired AD, Knox.
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