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Do We Need College Football Conferences?


written by STEVE ULRICH
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1. Do We Need College Football Conferences?


by Tim Benz, The Tribune-Review

"I've long had a theory about how the shifting landscape of college sports conferences would end.

Pretty close to how it started.

I consider the constant conference expansion and contraction to be college football nihilism. The existence of conferences as we know them today is unfounded, senseless and useless. Objective definitions of values, tradition and loyalty to a conference are meaningless.

And once we get through all the conference-hopping by schools and resulting realignment in mega-conferences, we are pretty much going to be back to a college football map like we had in the 1970s and '80s."

>> Field Awareness: "Can't you see a future where college football breaks off from the old-fashioned conference format and leaves that existence for men's basketball and all the other sports?"

>> Why it Matters: "Essentially, I picture college football being like the construction and eventual dissolution of the Soviet Union. A bunch of little conferences coming together into one or two mega-conferences, but then broken up into smaller divisions."

>> The Big Picture: "Sometimes you don't have to feel good about the process to achieve a positive result. If the death of conferences as we know them brings about the return of more common-sense scheduling and rivalries — not to mention a more streamlined playoff system and traditional use of the Bowl games — wonderful."

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2.  CSMAS Addresses Health, Safety Issues

"The Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports addressed a full agenda during its June 21-22 meetings at the NCAA's national office in Indianapolis. The meeting focused on membership health and safety priorities, implementation of the NCAA transgender student-athlete participation policy, drug testing and more.

CSMAS began a review of the membership's nine health and safety strategic priorities in response to Association responsibilities outlined in the new NCAA constitution

CSMAS continued to discuss the NCAA transgender student-athlete participation policy, which was recently updated and will enter the second phase of implementation during the 2022-23 academic year."

>> What's Next: "The committee approved sport-specific testosterone thresholds and deadlines for submission of eligibility documentation for competitions during the 2022-23 academic year. The approved thresholds align with sport-specific governing body policies."

>> High Times: "CSMAS considered referrals from Divisions II and III to continue discussing whether cannabinoid testing should remain part of the NCAA Drug Testing Program."

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3.  Learn How To Accept Defeat Graciously

by Denise K. Magner, Chronicle of Higher Education

"You won't last long in leadership if you treat every "no" as a personal defeat.

The ability to say “no” fairly and dispassionately is central to good leadership, whether you are running a committee, a department, or an institution. But equally vital is knowing how to accept a loss graciously when you are the one who has to take “no” for an answer. It is a skill you can learn and sharpen:

  • Be at peace with not getting most of what you want. Campuses are idea factories. Of course not every idea is practical or worth pursuing.
  • In defeat, as in victory, tone and manner matter. You needn’t mask all your feelings with Vulcan-like imperturbability, but a dose of Stoicism is healthy.

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4.  Lightning Round 

Rolled-Up Newspaper on Apple iOS 15.4  News

  • The Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference announced the addition of Carlow University as its newest member institution. The Celtics, who are transitioning from the NAIA to NCAA Division III, will become provisional members of the AMCC in 2023-24, pending successful completion of the Division III exploratory year and acceptance into the NCAA provisional member process.
  • The United East Conference welcomed Clarks Summit as an associate member in men's golf and men's tennis.


  • Former Cortland goalie Derek Lalonde ’95 was named head coach of the NHL's Detroit Red Wings, following a four-year stint as one of the top assistant coaches in the sport with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Lalonde helped the Lightning earn four straight postseason berths, highlighted by back-to-back Stanley Cup championships in 2020 and 2021 and a trip to the finals this past season.

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