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Sports That Benefitted Most From Title IX


written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  Sports That Benefitted Most From Title IX


by Neil Paine,

"The first half-century of Title IX — 1972’s gender-equality law that banned sex-based discrimination in federally funded educational institutions — saw women’s sports in America undergo a period of profound growth and evolution.

It’s informative to look at where the growth in women’s sports has come from on a sport-by-sport basis, and how that has changed over time. Here is total girls’ high school sports participation in four-year intervals for the dozen most popular sports of the last 20 years, according to data from the National Federation of State High School Associations:

>> Worth Noting: "Maybe the most interesting bellwether of Title IX’s progress in growing women’s sports — and particularly in diversifying which sports girls have access to or see themselves playing — is basketball. As noted, it remains the third-most-popular sport to play at the high school level, with around 400,000 participants and a 12 percent share of all female high school athletes. But that share has been dropping steadily with time, from an enormous 45 percent in 1971-72 to just 23 percent a decade later, 15 percent in 2006-07 and now even less than that."

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2. Champs Committee Recap

by Justin Whitaker, NCAA

"Aiming to return to pre-COVID-19 pandemic operations, the Division III Championships Committee is recommending a collection of budget initiatives, including per diem increases in all sports and the expansion of some brackets and travel parties.

At its meeting Monday and Tuesday at the NCAA national office in Indianapolis, the committee recommended the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee approve funding Friday for the initiatives.

Among the recommended initiatives, the committee backed an increase to the per diem for all sports from $100 to $115 and an increase to the host per diem from $40 to $50.

>> Notable: "Sport committees generally feel that the current bench limits are adequate, but feedback has consistently shown that the student-athlete experience is negatively impacted when teams reach the NCAA championships and some student-athletes are not allowed to be in uniform on the bench with the team. As a result, the committee made a recommendation to the Division III Management Council to allow all student-athletes permitted in the bench area to be in uniform and to participate in warmups. The current bench size, squad size and travel party limits will remain unchanged."

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3. Track & Field Rules Committee Recap

"The Men's and Women's Track and Field Rules Committee during its in-person meeting this week in Indianapolis recommended participants have one minute to initiate their attempt in field events, beginning with the 2022-23 academic year.

The new proposal for field event athletes to initiate their trial within one minute after their name is called would put NCAA rules in line with World Athletics rules.

Currently, field athletes have 30 seconds to initiate their trial.

Elsewhere ... 

  • Committee members proposed that officials may use video review, if available, in all field events, beginning with the 2022-23 academic year, to see whether an infraction or violation occurred.
  • The committee recommended eliminating mixed-gender competitions.

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4. Women's Tennis Rankings

Tennis Recruiting Network (TRN) is excited to present the Top 25 NCAA Division III Women's Recruiting Classes for 2023. This list is based on commitments reported on or before May 23, 2022.

We have once again received assistance from a panel of NCAA Division III coaches in coming up with these rankings. Our panelists did not consider incoming transfer students in their decisions - and they also did not consider players that competed in college this past January.

  1. Emory
  2. Williams
  3. Johns Hopkins
  4. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
  5. Carnegie Mellon
  6. Wesleyan (Conn.)
  7. Washington (Mo.)
  8. Pomona-Pitzer
  9. Chicago
  10. Middlebury

>> Complete Top 25

5. Calendar

26-29 - NACDA, Las Vegas, Nev.

11-12 - Postgraduate Scholarship Committee, Indianapolis
12 - Interpretations and Legislation Committee
16-17 - Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Indianapolis
18-19 - Management Council, Indianapolis
20 - Interpretations and Legislation Committee

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6.  Lightning Round 


  • Western Connecticut State University president John Clark is stepping down amid a financial crisis that resulted in a depletion of 99 percent of university reserves in recent years. Clark, who has been president since 2015, will officially exit on July 14. His resignation follows a no-confidence vote regarding financial management issues leveled against him by the faculty union in May. Earlier this year, a scathing external report found that the university “has an expenditure control problem, not a revenue problem.”

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