Friday, April 8, 2022

DIIICA, NADIIIAA Joint Statement

DIIICA/NADIIIAA Releases Joint Statement on NCAA Division III Governance Reform

The executive boards of the Division III Commissioners Association (DIIICA) and the National Association of Division III Athletic Administrators (NADIIIAA) have jointly issued the following statement regarding NCAA Division III Governance Reform:

“With the passing of the new NCAA Constitution in January, NCAA President Mark Emmert has referred to 2022 as a year of “transformational change” within the association. Inspired by and following up on this charge, our respective executive boards are working in partnership to support a genuinely member-driven review and decision-making process in our division. Both associations believe there are a number of key areas of Division III governance in need of membership review and consideration as we move into the future under the new NCAA Constitution.”

“The joint desire of our two associations is to collaboratively support discussion and engagement that leads the way towards truly comprehensive and transformative change in Division III – real changes that are driven by the views and wishes of our members. These change considerations should include reviewing how our governance structure is organized, how we continue to fund our division (both short term and long term), reviewing what our budget priorities should be, how we can most effectively administer our championships, and how best to reach our goals and objectives as a division under the new constitution.”

“The recently-completed NCAA Division III membership survey is clearly helpful in some areas, and will provide a foundation to further build upon in others.  We have heard from our members in both associations that a more comprehensive internal review is necessary. Possible outcomes can be addressed either through the existing constitutional committee structure or through the legislative process at the 2023 NCAA Convention or beyond.”

“We acknowledge that many of our Division III colleagues are in a difficult place following two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we emerge from this crisis, it is now the opportune time to ask for full membership engagement on these national issues. We believe it is paramount that our colleagues in Division III do just that, due to the shortened window before us to enact truly transformational change within our division. In particular, D-III conferences and institutions interested in legislative proposals not covered by the Division III governance subcommittees should begin to organize now and communicate with one another to put forth proposals in several areas for full vetting, discussion and votes at the 2023 Convention.”

“The following issues/areas to discuss and address have been shared and are supported by the Executive Boards of our respective associations:

1. Championships
2. NCAA Committee Structures
3. Playing & Practice Seasons
4. Health & Safety Initiatives
5. Sport Rulebooks and PROP
6, Institutional and Conference Self Studies
7. NCAA Non-Championship Programming
8. Grant Flexibility
9. Membership Standards/Sports Sponsorship
10. NCAA Convention and Regional Rules Seminars

“We want to stress that neither DIIICA nor NADIIIAA is advocating for any specific policy change or outcome, nor are we attempting to operate outside of the current NCAA Division III governance structure. Rather, we hope that this joint statement and executive summary of possible areas of reform within our division has the effect of engaging the entire Division III membership regarding these critical issues, and moving individuals and groups to action that they may not otherwise consider.”

“Finally, with Division III Management Council and Presidents Council meetings scheduled over the next few weeks, we encourage members of all our governance councils to consider each of the areas listed on the Executive Summary for possible governance reform proposals, as we jointly seek to make our divisions truly membership-driven moving forward.”


Lori Runksmeier Patrick B. Summers
Director of Athletics Executive Director
Eastern Connecticut State University New England Women’s & Men’s Athletic Conference
2022 NADIIIAA President 2022 DIIIICA President

(on behalf of the NADIIIAA board) (on behalf of the DIIICA board) 

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