Friday, April 29, 2022

Presidents Council Recap


written by STEVE ULRICH
your must-read briefing on what's driving the day in NCAA Division III

>> Happy Friday!  For many, it's the final game of the regular season with playoff positioning at stake. Have a great weekend.

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>> CorrectionThanks to our eagle-eyed readers who let me know that the diamond regional rankings in yesterday's newsletter were in alphabetical order. We try to improve with every edition, so thanks for the intel.

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1. Presidents Council Recap

by Chris Radford, NCAA

"At its virtual meeting Wednesday, the Division III Presidents Council adopted noncontroversial legislation amending the composition of the group to include two student-athletes from the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

The change was made due to the adoption of the new NCAA constitution that mandates voting representation for student-athletes on the Presidents Council.

The council also received and approved a recommendation from the Division III SAAC on the selection process for a student-athlete who has graduated within the past four years to serve on the Board of Governors. The SAAC executive officers will share the process with the Division III membership."

>> What's Next: "The two SAAC student-athlete representatives will begin their service with the Presidents Council once the new NCAA constitution becomes effective Aug. 1, 2022."

>> Process: "The Presidents Council also approved a new process to select its representative to the Board of Governors for a two-year renewable term of service. All eligible members will be able to inform national office staff of their interest by a predetermined date. Ranked-choice voting will be used to select the representative, with participation of all members of the Presidents Council that are present."

>> Worth Noting: "The Presidents Council discussed the existing Division III philosophy statement at the request of the Management Council and the Advisory Council as the division continues to comprehensively review its priorities during the current transformational period."

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2. ILC Recap

"At the 2022 NCAA Convention, Proposal No. 2022-3 (Only Competition Triggering Use of a Season) was referred to the committee "to further review and discuss historical enrollment trends with a future recommendation being made to Presidents Council based on that research."

The Committee engaged in that review and agreed on the following:

a. That additional available data did not provide clear direction regarding change; and

b. Before a legislative change is considered the philosophy statement should be reviewed.

Consequently, the committee is not recommending that the governance structure propose change at this time and any change should be left to the membership legislative process."

>> Of Note: "The committee also discussed whether the current Division III Philosophy Statement aligns with the membership's view concerning student-athlete participation in intercollegiate athletics and believes that until the Philosophy Statement is reviewed, the governance structure should not sponsor a proposal to change the current legislation concerning the use of a season of participation."

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3. Profs, Bears Top Ratings

Here is the newest edition of the NCAA DIII Outdoor Track & Field National Rating Indices for the 2022 season, as released by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).


  1. Rowan, 171.94
  2. Carnegie Mellon, 120.78
  3. Pomona-Pitzer, 111.81
  4. Dubuque, 95.09
  5. UW-Eau Claire, 89.63
  6. Mount Union, 87.88
  7. John Carroll, 85.34
  8. UW-Oshkosh, 83.48
  9. Wartburg, 77.70
  10. Williams, 77.39
By Region
East: MIT, Tufts, WPI
Great Lakes: Mount Union, John Carroll, Ohio Northern
Metro; Rowan, TCNJ, Stockton
Mid-Atlantic: Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, Susquehanna
Mideast: Williams, RPI, Springfield
Midwest: Washington U., Wartburg, Dubuque
Niagara: Geneseo, Cortland, Brockport
North: UW-La Crosse, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Eau Claire
South: Emory, Lynchburg, Berry
West: Claremont-M-S, Pomona-Pitzer, Hardin-Simmons

>> Men's Rating Index

  1. Washington, Mo., 205.24
  2. Loras, 173.57
  3. UW-La Crosse, 170.24
  4. Johns Hopkins, 151.15
  5. Geneseo, 115.74
  6. Chicago, 97.99
  7. Claremont-M-S, 96.28
  8. Nebraska Wesleyan, 84.44
  9. Trine, 81.33
  10. George Fox, 76.49
By Region
East: Tufts, MIT, WPI
Great Lakes: Mount Union, John Carroll, Trine
Metro: TCNJ, Rowan, Stevens
Mid-Atlantic: Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Misericordia
Mideast: Williams, Middlebury, Amherst
Midwest: Washington U., Wartburg, Chicago
Niagara: Geneseo, Ithaca, Rochester
North: UW-La Crosse, UW-Eau Claire, St. Norbert
South: Emory, Lynchburg, Rhodes
West: George Fox, Claremont-M-S, Pacific Lutheran

>> Women's Rating Index

4. The DIII Challenge of Getting Drafted

Athlete Profile: Andrew Whitaker Preps for Draft Day
by Grace McDermott, Deadspin

"Andrew Whitaker, a championship-winning track star and cornerback from Washington University in St. Louis, has a Masters degree and a plan to go to medical school. But for now, his focus is on becoming one of the few Division III athletes to get signed to the NFL. Med school can wait.

Wash U hasn’t sent a player to the league in half a century. Whitaker reportedly played four games of football in high school. As unrealistic as it seems to the outside eye, though, he is all in on his NFL dream. He worked out with the Bengals last week, and he’s ready to prove himself on a pro roster.

As he crosses his fingers this weekend and hopes for the best from the draft and the undrafted free agency signing period that follows, we took a look at what the odds for a player in Whitaker’s situation really look like."

>> Field Awareness: "At any given moment, it’s a general rule that there are fewer than a dozen former DIII players active in the league. Right now, there are five, all of whom attended Midwestern colleges in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Two were selected in the draft, both in the last two years, which could be good news for Whitaker. Several of them were also active in track and field during their college years — another parallel for the NFL hopeful. The other three were signed after the draft."

>> Yes, But: "Just two months ago, Super Bowl-winning guard Ali Marpet announced his retirement from the NFL, seven years after the Buccaneers selected him from Hobart College in the second round, making him the highest-drafted DIII player of all time. Since 1990, only 22 DIII players have been selected in the draft, though more have been given an opportunity to try out with the team through undrafted free agency."

>> Keep An Eye On: "North Central WR Andrew Kamienski may also be on some teams’ radars — he led NCAA DIII in receptions and receiving yards in 2019 and, upon graduating, has placed his name on several all-time leaderboards in DIII for both categories."

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5.  Lightning Round 

  Millsaps' Camille Fremaux and Union's Cameron Klepper named ITA Players of the Week.

  Simpson's Grady Haynes recorded a hole-in-one on the fifth hole during the first round of the American Rivers Conference men's championship.

  Cake and candles to Anthony Terry. And belated wishes to Erik Schrerer, assistant baseball coach at Cal Lutheran, and Ralph Turner who celebrated Thursday.


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6.  Weekend Watchlist  


  • No. 1 Marietta vs. No. 12 Baldwin Wallace
  • No. 5 Cortland vs. No. 18 Oswego
  • No. 7 Rowan vs. No. 16 Kean
  • No. 17 Pomona-Pitzer vs. No. 24 Chapman
  • Complete Schedule
Lacrosse (M)
  • No. 2 RIT vs. No. 10 St. Lawrence
  • No. 11 Lynchburg vs. Hampden-Sydney
  • Kenyon vs. Ohio Wesleyan
  • Complete Schedule
Lacrosse (W)
  • No. 3 Colby vs. No. 16 Bowdoin - NESCAC Quarterfinal
  • No. 4 Franklin & Marshall vs. No. 22 Haverford
  • No. 11 Wesleyan vs. No. 14 Hamilton - NESCAC Quarterfinal
  • Complete Schedule
  • No. 19 UW-Oshkosh vs. UW-Eau Claire
  • La Verne vs. Chapman
  • TCNJ vs. Ramapo
  • Penn College vs. PSU Berks
  • Complete Schedule
Tennis (M)
  • No. 1 [Atlantic South] Johns Hopkins vs. No. 6 Swarthmore
  • No. 3 [Northeast] Williams vs. No. 4 Bowdoin
  • Complete Schedule
Tennis (W)
  • No. 2 [West] Claremont-M-S vs. No. 6 Redlands
  • No. 3 [Northeast] Amherst vs. No. 5 MIT
  • No. 4 [Atlantic South] Swarthmore vs. No. 8 Johns Hopkins
  • Complete Schedule

7.  Comings and Goings
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Thursday, April 28, 2022

"Change Is Coming"


written by STEVE ULRICH
your must-read briefing on what's driving the day in NCAA Division III


>> Welcome to Thursday. Days of Remembrance - the U.S. commemoration of the Holocaust. 

>> Today's Word Count: 1,295. That's, like, five minutes.

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1.  "Change Is Coming"

NCAA, college sports and a heated fight for the future - Sports Illustrated
by Ross Dellenger, Sports Illustrated

"Imagine a college sports world where schools are able to offer each baseball player a full scholarship. Or if a football team’s on-field coaching staff could exceed 25 people.

What if the transfer portal was open to players for just three months out of the year? And what if the recruiting calendar featured no evaluation or quiet periods?

There is a distinct possibility these ideas could become more than just concepts. 

The Transformation Committee, a group of high-ranking college leaders charged with overhauling and modernizing NCAA governance, is considering revolutionary changes some administrators describe as “radical.” In a briefing with athletic administrators this week in Dallas, committee leaders revealed ideas to deregulate longtime NCAA bylaws and decentralize such decisions to the conferences."

>> Situational Awareness: "The Transformation Committee decided to share the concepts in an apparent effort to prepare administrators for impending change that is even more transformative than many expected. And many officials believe Tuesday night’s announcement that NCAA president Mark Emmert plans to resign next June is a first step in what will be a new NCAA, with transforming starting at the very top."

>> What's Next: "While these are only concepts and not approved measures, the ideas are being socialized across the college sports landscape, both in conference-wide meetings and at administrative summits such as the one in Dallas hosted by LEAD1, an organization that represents the FBS athletic directors. The items will be central topics at league meetings next month, when coaches, athletic administrators and university presidents gather to discuss national and conference legislation."

  1. eliminating scholarship caps on sports that offer only partial scholarships
  2. abolishing the limitation on the number of coaches per team
  3. expanding direct payments from schools to athletes
  4. reconfiguring the recruiting calendar
  5. implementing closed periods in the NCAA transfer portal

>> Between The Lines: "If the concepts are any indication, spending handcuffs appear to be off. They would eliminate NCAA bylaws that attempt to legislate competitive equity and curtail costly spending—measures that have failed in a college sports industry ballooning at the top with cash from football."

>> What They're Saying: “Change is coming,” says another athletic director on hand for the committee’s three-hour presentation Monday in Dallas. “We better get prepared. We shouldn’t be shocked if all this does happen.”

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2.  More Emmert Fallout

Commentary: Mark Emmert's legacy will be tanking the NCAA - Los Angeles  Times

The sportswriting community has not been kind to Mark Emmert, president of the NCAA, who announced that he would be leaving the Association no later than June 30, 2023.

  • "The decision was supposedly “mutual” between Emmert and the NCAA board of governors but Emmert had a contract through 2025 and there is no earthly reason why he’d agree to step aside. It’s not like anyone knew what he has been doing. He was so bad in public, he rarely appeared anywhere or said anything." - Dan Wetzel, Yahoo!Sports
  • "If there is a less respected current CEO of any organization, I don’t know who it is. The NCAA’s outdated policies led to a public tipping point that was inevitable no matter who was president, but boy howdy did Emmert play the role of inept figurehead like it was a Hollywood script." -Pat Forde, Sports Illustrated
  • "The NCAA president's position has no real power; it's just a bully-pulpit microphone with hopes of guiding strategy. But even that failed. Every time Emmert opened his mouth at important moments, something awkward seemed to come out." -Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports
  • "Now more than ever, college sports needs a visionary leader capable of imagination, flexibility and a willingness to push the schools to make meaningful changes. Because in the wreckage left behind following Emmert’s tenure, an entirely new governing body might be best for everyone involved." - Andy Staples, The Athletic
D3Playbook asked Jenn Dubow, executive director of the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference for her thoughts.
  • "We are going through a period of unprecedented change with the adoption of a new constitution, new NIL opportunities, addressing massive gender inequities and now a change in leadership."
  • I hope the next leader brings a fresh perspective which includes understanding and valuing the different divisions within the association. No doubt Division III is very different from the Division I multi-billion dollar industry that it has become and that is OK."
  • "I would like to see a leader who can bring modernization and innovative thinking to the NCAA as we all figure out what is next for each Division and the organization as a whole."

3.  Regional Rankings

The second regional rankings for men's and women's lacrosse were released today. Here are the top three in each region.

Region I: Bowdoin, Tufts, MIT
Region II: RIT, Union, St. Lawrence
Region III: Christopher Newport, Salisbury, Dickinson
Region IV: Lynchburg, Denison, Washington and Lee
Region V: Hope, Illinois Wesleyan, Transylvania

>> Complete Rankings

Region I: Middlebury, Colby, Tufts
Region II: Roger Williams, Endicott, MIT
Region III: TCNJ, William Smith, Ithaca
Region IV: Gettysburg, Franklin & Marshall, Catholic
Region V: Salisbury, Washington and Lee, Roanoke
Region VI: Kenyon, Capital, Denison
Region VII: Pomona-Pitzer, Chicago, Claremont-M-S

>> Complete Rankings

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4.  Regional Rankings

The second regional rankings for softball and baseball were released today. Here are the top three in each region.

Region I: Amherst, Tufts, Middlebury
Region II: Eastern Connecticut, Babson, Springfield
Region III: Farmingdale State, Geneseo, Ithaca
Region IV: Rowan, Arcadia, Kean
Region V: Salisbury, Susquehanna, Moravian
Region VI: Christopher Newport, Randolph-Macon, Virginia Wesleyan
Region VII: DePauw, Alma, Muskingum
Region VIII: Millikin, Concordia (Wis.), MSOE
Region IX: Bethel, Wartburg, Saint Benedict
Region X: Texas Lutheran, Belhaven, Linfield

Region I: Babson, Coast Guard, Middlebury
Region II: Eastern Connecticut, Endicott, Mitchell
Region III: Ithaca, Oswego State, Rochester
Region IV: Arcadia, Kean, Misericordia
Region V: Cabrini, Catholic, Franklin & Marshall
Region VI: Birmingham-Southern, Christopher Newport, Emory
Region VII: Allegheny, Baldwin Wallace, Case Western Reserve
Region VIII: Augustana, Aurora, Benedictine
Region IX: Bethel, Buena Vista, Dubuque
Region X: Cal Lutheran, East Texas Baptist, La Verne

>> Complete Rankings


5.  Lightning Round 

Rosey's Second No-Hitter and Offense Lead Thunder to Sweep

  Trine sophomore RHP Adrienne Rosey tossed her second no-hitter of the season as the Thunder blanked Alma, 4-0. She walked one and struck out nine.

  Concordia (Wis.) IF Sam Beers and Thomas LHP Garrison Paillet were named the NCBWA National Players of the Week.

  Williams, Tufts and Bates are 1-2-3 in this week's IRCA rowing poll.

6.  Comings and Goings

7. "Da Vinci" of Violins

A rare 1736 violin by Italian luthier Giuseppe Guarneri. Photo: Benoit Tessier/Reuters

"A 286-year-old violin could fetch as much as $10.6 million at auction near Paris in JuneReuters reports.

  • The maple-backed instrument, made in 1736, was one of about 150 by revered Italian luthier Giuseppe Guarneri.
  • The quality and longevity of his output rivals that of Antonio Stradivari — but he was far less prolific than his compatriot and contemporary.

The instrument has graced concert halls around the world.

  • This "is like selling a Rembrandt, a Goya or even a Leonardo da Vinci painting," said Sophie Perrine of the Aguttes auction house."
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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Emmert to Step Down as NCAA Prez


written by STEVE ULRICH
your must-read briefing on what's driving the day in NCAA Division III
>> Good Wednesday morning. Shakeup coming in Indianapolis.

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1. Emmert to Step Down as NCAA Prez

"Today, NCAA Board of Governors Chair John J. DeGioia announced by mutual agreement with the board that Mark Emmert will be stepping down as president of the NCAA.  He will continue to serve in his role until a new president is selected and in place or until June 30, 2023.  

"Throughout my tenure I've emphasized the need to focus on the experience and priorities of student-athletes," said Emmert.  "I am extremely proud of the work of the Association over the last 12 years and especially pleased with the hard work and dedication of the national office staff here in Indianapolis."

"With the significant transitions underway within college sports, the timing of this decision provides the Association with consistent leadership during the coming months plus the opportunity to consider what will be the future role of the president," said DeGioia. "It also allows for the selection and recruitment of the next president without disruption."

NCAA member schools adopted a new constitution in January and are in the process of transforming the structure and mission to meet future needs."

>> Complete Release


2. An Unconventional Path
FSU football hires Tony Tokarz as quarterback coach - Tomahawk Nation
by Carter Karels, Tallahassee Democrat

"All four Florida State quarterbacks started every practice this spring completing different iterations of a few simple passing drills.

One drill tested the footwork of Jordan Travis and his three backups – redshirt sophomore Tate Rodemaker, early-enrolled freshman AJ Duffy and walk-on Gino English – by prompting them to shuffle around a few cones before firing the ball to a stationary target. Another drill involved them throwing into a net from varying distances and angles, challenging their accuracy. 

Tony Tokarz soaked in those sessions and dished guidance while rarely ever raising his voice. The first-year quarterbacks coach seemingly never needed to yell or spew expletives for his position players to listen and respond in the way that he wanted.

It’s easy to understand why Tokarz resonates with them. He speaks their language. He treats them like equals. He instructs without disparaging. Tokarz seemed like one of them, only older. Almost as if the team added a graduate senior quarterback to help mentor the group.

Which made sense when considering Tokarz played the position collegiately not long ago."

>> Quotable: “I’m extremely passionate. I love this position. This is a position I played, even though it wasn’t at a place like here at Florida State,” said Tokarz, a three-year starter for Division III Worcester State in Massachusetts. “I love the detail that goes into it. It encompasses all of football. And just the relationships that you can have.”

>> Background: "Previously spending five seasons on a (Mike) Norvell-led coaching staff helped Tokarz learn how to develop quarterbacks. Tokarz’s experience as a D-III player and coach also shaped his self-described blue-collar mentality, which has positively impacted FSU’s quarterback room."

>> What They're Saying: “If you get in a room with him, talk football and watch him coach his players, it’s like, ‘Yeah, this guy is an FBS football coach.’ It doesn’t matter what your background is. Football is football at the end of the day," said Stonehill head coach Eli Gardner.”

>> Continue Reading


3.   Easy as 1-2-3

Sam Mathews, Marietta / photo by Rebecca Wheeler Photography

It is still Marietta, Eastern Connecticut and Birmingham-Southern 1-2-3 in the latest poll. Webster joined the top 10 this week, replacing alisbury.

  1. Marietta (25), 31-3
  2. Eastern Connecticut, 27-3
  3. Birmingham-Southern, 31-7
  4. LaGrange, 30-5
  5. Cortland, 26-7
  6. Lynchburg, 29-7
  7. Rowan, 26-6
  8. Arcadia, 31-5
  9. UW-Whitewater, 23-6
  10. Webster, 24-5

>> Conference Standings

>> Toughest Schedule to Date: Case Western Reserve 661, William Paterson 638, MIT 634, Southern Maine 628, Oswego State 622

>> Toughest Schedule Remaining: Eureka 839, Chapman 802, DeSales 782, RIT 781, Kean 776

according to NCAA Statistics

Games We're Watching
  • WED: No. 21 Shenandoah vs. Penn State Harrisburg
  • THU: No. 2 Eastern Connecticut vs. Roger Williams
  • THU: No. 13 North Central, Ill. vs. Chicago
  • THU: No. 16 Kean vs. Montclair State
>> Complete Poll

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    4. CNU, Salisbury Top Poll


    Christopher Newport and Salisbury remained 1-2 in this week's NFCA poll. Mary Hardin-Baylor moved into the top 10, replacing Randolph-Macon.

    1. Christopher Newport (10), 35-1
    2. Salisbury, 32-4
    3. Texas Lutheran, 35-4
    4. Eastern Connecticut, 28-4
    5. Belhaven, 31-5
    6. DePauw, 26-6
    7. Linfield, 36-7
    8. East Texas Baptist, 27-8
    9. Birmingham-Southern, 32-6
    10. Mary Hardin-Baylor, 28-9

    >> Toughest Schedule to Date: Juniata 661, Illinois Wesleyan 650, Central 647, Coe 641, UW-La Crosse 639

    >> Toughest Schedule Remaining: Elizabethtown 885, Texas-Dallas 861, Emmanuel 824, Neumann 806, Franciscan 800

    Games We're Watching
    • WED: Alma vs. Trine
    • WED: Misericordia vs. King's

    >> Complete Poll

    5.   Lightning Round  

      Golf (M)

      Golf (W)

      Lacrosse (W)

      Track and Field


      Happy Birthday

    • Cake and candles to Stephanie Dutton, commissioner of the United East Conference; Jim Berger, director of athletic communications at Saint Vincent; and Wheaton alum/fan John Fay.
    • Do you know of someone celebrating a birthday soon? Drop us a line at

      6.  Comings and Goings
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