Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Our 500th Edition


written by STEVE ULRICH
your must-read briefing on what's driving the day in NCAA Division III
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>> Hello Tuesday. The Board of Governors wraps up their meeting today and the DIII Presidents Council gathers tomorrow.

>> Today's Word Count: 683. Short and sweet.

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1. Our 500th Edition

500 posts! – The Logic Escapes Me

D3Playbook began on August 28, 2019 with an 823-word read on what's happening around Division III.

Today we come to you for the 500th time since the initial email with a subscriber base north of 1,750 and a twitter following closing in on 3,000. 

I'll take "Things I Never Expected" for $100, Alex.

Thank you for your support of D3Playbook. I hope it continues to serve the DIII community in a meaningful way and that you appreciate our daily effort.

- Steve Ulrich


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BlueFrame Games We're Watching Today

Soccer (M): Lebanon Valley (12-3) at Franklin & Marshall (12-2-1), 7:00
Volleyball (W): WPI (17-5) at Coast Guard (15-6), 7:00
Field Hockey: Allegheny (7-8) at Wooster (7-7), 7:00
Soccer (W): Penn State Berks (6-8-2) at Scranton (14-0), 7:00

2. Preseason Polls

The experts at D3hoops.com have released their 2021-22 preseason men's and women's basketball polls.


  1. Hope, 16-0
  2. East Texas Baptist, 25-1
  3. Trine, 14-3
  4. Whitman, 9-2
  5. Messiah, 11-0
  6. Simpson, 12-0
  7. Tufts, 0-0
  8. John Carroll, 13-2
  9. DeSales, 9-0
  10. Wartburg, 13-3
>> Conference Call: American Southwest (3), NESCAC (3), American Rivers (2), Michigan (2), Northwest (2), Ohio (2), Wisconsin (2), Coast-2-Coast (1), CCIW (2), Landmark (1), MAC Commonwealth (1), MAC Freedom (1), NEWMAC (1), North Coast (1), SAA (1)

>> Complete Poll
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  1. Randolph-Macon, 12-0
  2. Yeshiva, 7-0
  3. Marietta, 12-1
  4. Illinois Wesleyan, 8-1
  5. Wisconsin-Platteville, 8-2
  6. Wheaton, Ill., 12-1
  7. Trine, 17-1
  8. Swarthmore, 0-0
  9. St. Joseph's, Conn., 2-2
  10. Elmhurst, 7-3
>> Conference Call: CCIW (3), UAA (3), Wisconsin (3), Centennial (2), Ohio (2), Old Dominion (2), American Rivers (1), American Southwest (1), Great Northeast (1), Michigan (1), NESCAC (1), New Jersey (1), North Coast (1), Northwest (1), Skyline (1), USA South (1)

>> Complete Poll
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    3.  Growing Ranks of Female NBA Refs

    How NBA referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich dealt with F-bombs and B-words to earn  respect in a man's world - pennlive.com

    The NBA has six full-time female referees this season, a new league record — and three times as many as the NFL (two), NHL (zero) and MLB (zero) have combined.

    Meet the refs:

    • Danielle Scott: The four-year G League veteran — and the daughter of college basketball officials — was promoted this week.
    • Lauren Holtkamp-Sterling: In 2014 she became the first woman hired full time since 1997, part of a new generation of aspirant officials. Three years later, she married fellow NBA ref, Jonathan Sterling.
    • Ashley Moyer-Gleich: In 2016, she was reffing D-III women's basketball as more of a job than a career, but a chance encounter with NBA scouts flipped the script.
    • Natalie Sago: A former college softball player who got her start reffing high school games alongside her father, Sago was promoted just a month after Moyer-Gleich.
    • Jenna Schroeder: A full-time official since 2019, she and Sago made history this past February when they became the first pair of women to ref the same NBA game.
    • Simone Jelks: A former standout player at USC, last season she became just the second Black woman to ever hold this position.

    4.  Leadership Development Programs

    Applications for five leadership development experiences opened Oct. 4 and will remain open until Nov. 1. The programs are: 

    • Emerging Leaders Seminar
    • Foundations of Development
    • Leadership Academy Workshop
    • NCAA/NFL Administrators Academy
    • NCAA/NFL Football Coaching Workshop

    Go to the leadership development webpage  for all the latest program information.


    5. Smith Eliminates Loans

    "Smith College, a private liberal arts women's college in Massachusetts, has reworked its financial aid offerings, eliminating loans from its need-based aid packages beginning in fall 2022.

    The institution will also provide incoming undergraduate students with an expected family contribution of less than $7,000 with one-time "start-up" grants of $1,000 on top of their typical aid packages.

    About 21% of students would qualify for these grants.

    Seniors who receive need-based aid who are graduating in either January or May 2022 will be provided one-time "launch grants" of $2,000 to help them transition to life after college."

    >> Read More


    6.  Comings and Goings
    1 THING

    7. Drive-Thru Crawl

    The drive-thru lane at a Chick-fil-A in Chicago. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Wait times for drive-thru orders are up an average of 25 seconds in 2021, USA Today reports.

    • Research by SeeLevel HX "involved nearly 1,500 drive-thru visits between July and August 2021 to 10 major fast-food brands including McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A and Dunkin'."
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