Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Board of Governors Recap


written by STEVE ULRICH
your must-read briefing on what's driving the day in NCAA Division III
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1. Board of Governors Recap

NCAA will wait before potentially moving March Madness out of Idaho -  Outsports
by Michelle Brutlag Hosick, NCAA

"The NCAA Board of Governors at its quarterly meeting Tuesday discussed two important issues shaping college sports: the work of the Constitution Committee and the independent gender equity review of NCAA championships. The board also named a new vice chair. 

The Constitution Committee provided an update on its work, with initial concepts of a new NCAA constitution expected to be delivered to member schools and conferences by Nov. 8. A Special Convention will be held virtually Nov. 15 and will provide members an opportunity to share feedback. Board of Governors chair Jack DeGioia, president at Georgetown, and NCAA President Mark Emmert recently outlined a timeline of events required for the Association to transform its governance.

A new constitution is the first step in the process and will provide divisions the flexibility they need to act on the second step, which will require that each division review and update its rules to ensure that changes are consistent with the principles agreed upon in the new constitution.

The board received the second report from Kaplan, Hecker & Fink's independent gender equity review. The first report focused on men's and women's basketball, while the second covers equity at all remaining NCAA championships."

>> What They're Saying: "It's important all member schools and conferences understand the two steps required to bring the transformational change the Board of Governors envisioned when it initially called for next month's Special Convention," DeGioia said. "A new constitution, the critical first step, should provide greater autonomy for each division to update their rules in the second step to better support the needs of student-athletes."

>> Of Note: "The (gender equity) report identified important recommendations, which we will prioritize and sequence so they can be implemented for impactful change. These changes may require altering budgets and business models while evaluating the balance between resources devoted to championships that produce revenue and resources for those that do not." - NCAA Board of Governors statement

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2. Numbers Still Falling

Where have all the students gone?: Western Pa. colleges struggle with  declining enrollment |
by Emma Whitford, Inside Higher Ed  |  photo: Kristina Serafini, Tribune-Review

"The post-pandemic enrollment rebound everyone wished for has not come to pass.

College and university enrollments are still on the decline for most institutions, early data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center show. Undergraduate enrollment across the board fell by 3.2 percent this fall, echoing last fall’s 3.4 percent decline. Since fall 2019, undergraduate enrollments have dropped by 6.5 percent.

The top-line findings paint a bleak picture for higher education’s recovery.

"Students still have not returned to college at the rate they left, and it will likely take years of work to bring them back into the fold," said Doug Shapiro, vice president of research and executive director of the research center.

>> Point: "A closer look at the data shows a more varied picture. Wealthy and prestigious institutions -- public and private -- have nearly recovered whatever enrollments they lost last fall. In fact, selective institutions saw enrollment gains this fall. Highly selective private, nonprofit institutions saw an 11.7 percent increase in freshman enrollments this fall, compared with an 8.7 percent decline last fall."

>> Counterpoint: Public four-year enrollment has fallen 2.3 percent this year compared to 0.8 a year ago.

>> Worth Noting: “A lot of those freshmen who didn’t show up last year -- they haven’t come back yet,” Shapiro said. “The longer students are away from school, the harder and harder it becomes for them to come back. It may well be that a majority of them might not ever make it back, and that’s very much a concern.”

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3.  Jersey Devils 

United Soccer Coaches /

1/1. TCNJ, 14-0-1
2/2. Johns Hopkins, 12-0-2
3/4. Washington, Mo., 13-0-1
4/3. Christopher Newport, 13-0
5/5. William Smith, 13-1-1
6/6. Misericordia, 14-1
7/7. McDaniel, 14-1
8/9. MIT, 16-1-1
9/13. Loras, 15-0-1
10/8. Messiah, 12-2-1
12/10. Chicago, 12-1-2

>> USC Poll  |  D3soccer Poll

>> Also Unbeaten: Scranton (13-0), Puget Sound (14-0-2), Hanover (12-0-3)

>> Flipside: There are 12 teams without a win and five without a result

>> Non-Conference Records: NESCAC (43-4-5, 875), UAA (65-8-6, 861), Michigan (47-20-1, 699), Centennial (44-19-7, 664), WIAC (54-27-9, 650)

4.   W&L, Messiah Share Top Spot 

United Soccer Coaches /

1/2. Washington and Lee, 12-0-2
2/1. Messiah, 13-0-2
3/4. Trinity (Texas), 14-0-1
4/5. Tufts, 10-1-2
5/7. Montclair State, 16-1-1
6/RV. MIT, 13-2-1
7/11. Washington, Mo., 9-2-1
8/15. Otterbein, 12-0-3
9/16. Cortland, 14-2-1
10/18. St. Olaf, 14-1-1
10/6. Amherst, 11-2-1
13/8. Emory, 8-1-4
18/9. Calvin, 14-2-2
14/10. Chicago, 10-4-1

>> USC Poll  |  D3soccer Poll
>> Winless: There are seven winless programs in Division III and four without a win or draw 

>> Non-Conference Records: NESCAC (48-11-1, 808), UAA (47-15-11, 719), NEWMAC (48-20-5, 692), Centennial (43-18-9, 679), MAC Commonwealth (48-25-11, 637)

    5.   Hop Tops 


    1. Johns Hopkins, 25-0
    2. Trinity, Texas, 26-2
    3. Claremont-M-S, 22-1
    4. Calvin, 24-2
    5. Wartburg, 24-0
    6. Hope, 20-3
    7. Colorado College, 24-3
    8. Wisconsin-Whitewater, 23-1
    9. Juniata, 23-1
    10. Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 25-3

    >> Four To Go: Johns Hopkins and Wartburg are two of the remaining four unbeatens in NCAA women's volleyball along with Louisville and Texas.

    >> Still Searching: There are eight winless programs in Division III

    >> Non-Conference Records: NEWMAC (120-37, 764), SCAC (84-30, 737), WIAC (122-44, 735), NESCAC (85-34, 714), SAA (44-22, 667)

      6.   NESCAC Places Five in Top 10  


      1. Middlebury, 14-0
      2. Johns Hopkins, 15-0
      3. Tufts, 12-2
      4. Babson, 15-1
      5. Kean, 16-1
      6. Rowan, 12-2
      7. Amherst, 11-3
      8. Bowdoin, 11-3
      9. Messiah, 13-2
      10. Williams, 11-3
      >> Also Perfect: Washington and Lee (13-0), Wilson (15-0)

      >> Looking for #1: There are six teams without a win this fall.

      >> Non-Conference Records: NESCAC (47-5, 904), NJAC (52-16, 765), Centennial (47-24, 662), C2C (24-14, 632), Liberty (46-27, 630)

      >> Complete Poll

      7.  Comings and Goings
      1 THING

      8.  La Nina Winter Looms

      Data: NOAA; Map: Kavya Beheraj/Axios

      A second consecutive year of La NiƱa conditions favors a drier-than-average winter for much of the Southwest.

      • Foreshadowing: The ongoing atmospheric river event is delivering far less rain to Los Angeles and San Diego compared to San Francisco, Axios' Andrew Freedman reports.
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