Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Conference WOY Winners Announced

written by STEVE ULRICH
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1. Conference WOY Winners Announced

2021 WOTY Conference Nominees
by Jessi Faulk, NCAA

"From 535 school nominees, 153 college athletes have been named conference-level nominees for the 2021 NCAA Woman of the Year Award.

Established in 1991, the NCAA Woman of the Year award is rooted in Title IX and recognizes graduating female college athletes who have exhausted their NCAA eligibility and distinguished themselves in academics, athletics, service and leadership throughout their collegiate careers.

The nominees represent student-athletes from 18 different sports spanning all three NCAA divisions. Of those nominated, 57 nominees competed in Division I, 36 in Division II and 60 in Division III.

Conferences can recognize two nominees if at least one is a woman of color or international student-athlete. All nominees who compete in a sport not sponsored by their school's primary conference, as well as associate conference nominees and independent nominees, were placed in a separate pool to be considered by a selection committee. Three nominees from the pool were selected to move forward in the process with the conference nominees.

>> List of Nominees

Sports Represented
13-Track and Field
5-Cross Country/Track and Field
4-Swimming and Diving
2-Field Hockey
1-Basketball/Track and Field
1-Field Hockey/Lacrosse
1-Soccer/Swimming and Diving/Softball
1-Swimming/Track and Field
1-Water Polo
1-Volleyball/Track and Field


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2. Coming @ Ya

Twitter Fleets Prove Social-Media Innovation Is Dead

Without engagement, social media is just media.

People don’t use social networks for a one-way experience. They’re seeking connections — with people and with brands.

What started out as a way for people to hang out with their friends online has turned into a place where brands can engage in meaningful conversations and turn those conversations into followers and customers. And social media engagement has a major impact on small businesses, affecting everything from brand awareness to customer loyalty.

Today we begin our look at social media in Division III with conference twitter followers.

  1. NESCAC (15,108)
  2. American Rivers (10,234)
  3. American Southwest (9,371)
  4. Presidents (9,197)
  5. Middle Atlantic (8,963)
  6. Ohio (8,684)
  7. Old Dominion (8,561)
  8. Centennial (8,191)
  9. North Coast (8,052)
  10. Heartland (7,816)
  11. Minnesota (7,775)
  12. CCIW (7,533)
  13. Wisconsin (7,507)
  14. SCAC (6,637)
  15. Michigan (6,588)
  16. Midwest (6,079)
  17. New Jersey (5,546)
  18. Empire 8 (5,375)
  19. SAA (5,345)
  20. Liberty League (4,713)

>> Get the entire list

Wednesday: Conference Instagram followers

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3.  Test Time

The 2021-22 Division III Rules Test is now live. Please remember that, per Bylaw 11.8, your institution must administer the NCAA Division III Rules Test to all head coaches and athletics administrators with compliance responsibilities on an annual basis. Failure to administer the Rules Test on an annual basis shall be considered an institutional violation per Constitution 2.8.1.

To access the 2021-22 Rules Test, head to the Division III compliance page or click on this link. The Rules Test page has several pretest resources for your use, as well as a link for administrators with proctor responsibilities. 

Coaches and administrators will be asked to select their institution from a drop-down menu and then type in their name to begin the test. There is no minimum score for the test; however, your institution has the discretion to impose a score that would be considered passing. 

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    4.  Comings and Goings
    1 THING

    5. Hottest Zip Codes

    Rochester-area ZIP code makes Realtor.com's hottest list | WHEC.com
    courtesy of Realtor.com

    Our list of the 10 Hottest Zip Codes in America shows that homebuyers are eager to escape busy urban centers for more affordable, less dense suburbs.

    Realtor.com’s Hottest Zip Code rankings take into account two aspects of the housing market: 1) market demand, as measured by unique viewers per property on Realtor.com, and 2) the pace of the market as measured by the number of days a listing remains active on Realtor.com. The hottest areas are those that have high demand from buyers, in other words, lots of unique viewers per each property, and fast-selling homes, an indicator of limited supply.

    1. Colorado Springs, CO (80916)
    2. West Irondequoit, NY (14617)
    3. Peabody, MA (01960)
    4. Manchester, NH (03103)
    5. Brentwood, NC (27616)

    >> See the entire list

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