Monday, July 26, 2021

Management Council Recap


written by STEVE ULRICH
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1. Management Council Recap

by Jeremy Villanueva, NCAA

"Division III could pass legislation at the 2022 NCAA Convention modifying contact opportunities in football practices during the preseason, regular season and spring period.

The Division III Management Council will sponsor convention legislation that will be voted on during the 2022 Division III business session. The proposal is designed to reduce contact opportunities during the preseason and regular season, while allowing for more equipment use during the spring to facilitate blocking and tackling teaching opportunities during that time period. 

Preseason adjustments would include the acclimatization period being extended from five to six days and reducing the number of allowable full equipment days from 17 to eight. In the regular season, there would be no more than two practices per week of full equipment (three practices during a bye week). The spring period would allow helmets on all 16 days and shoulder pads and helmets on four of those days."

Elsewhere ...

  • Management Council reviewed the five governance-sponsored proposals and identified governance committees to provide feedback on the eight membership proposals.
  • Management Council approved the updated Division III Strategic Positioning Platform document recommended by the Division III Strategic Planning and Finance Committee.
  • Management Council members elected Michelle Morgan, senior director of varsity athletics and recreation at John Carroll, as its next chair. Matt Hill, director of athletics at Northwestern-St. Paul, was selected as the next vice chair. 
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2. Postgraduate Scholarship Winners

The NCAA awards up to 126 postgraduate scholarships annually.  The scholarships are awarded to student-athletes who excel academically and athletically and who are at least in their final year of intercollegiate athletics competition.

The one-time non-renewable scholarships of $10,000 are awarded three times a year corresponding to each sport season (fall, winter and spring).  Each sports season there are 21 scholarships available for men and 21 scholarships available for women for use in an accredited graduate program.

  • Christopher Adams, Southwestern, lacrosse
  • Matthew Chen, Case Western, tennis
  • Lilah Drafts-Johnson, Oberlin, track and field
  • Ellen Druebbisch, Lynchburg, tennis
  • Shaye Gauthier, Lake Forest, softball
  • Sam Hum, Colorado College, tennis
  • Alexander Jelloian, Whittier, baseball
  • Trenton Koehler, Nebraska Wesleyan, track and field
  • Konrad Kozlowski, Washington, Mo., tennis
  • Matthew Kraus, DeSales, track and field
  • Sarah Miller, Case Western, softball
  • Madeleine Paolucci, Case Western, tennis
  • Jack Redick, Wooster, lacrosse
  • Aspen Rolfes, Nebraska Wesleyan, track and field
  • David Roney V, Wooster, golf
  • Megan Wong, Denison, tennis
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3.  Making Women's Lax More Efficient

by Greg Johnson, NCAA

"The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Wednesday approved a package of rules changes with the goal of making women's lacrosse more efficient, beginning with the 2021-22 academic year.

Shortening the duration of the game without taking away the 60 minutes on the game clock dominated the NCAA Women's Lacrosse Committee's discussion last month. Rules committee members also wanted to maintain the freedom-of-movement principles that were established in the summer of 2017.

Members of the rules committee think fewer stoppages during games can be achieved through these modifications:

  • The game will be played in four 15-minute quarters instead of two 30-minute halves. Play will resume after two minutes, and teams would switch directions after each quarter.
  • The game clock will continue running, while the possession clock would stop or reset, during the following:
    • Fouls committed below goal line extended.
    • Fouls committed above goal line extended more than 8 meters from the goal circle.
    • Alternate possession.
  • The possession clock will reset to 60 seconds if 59 or fewer seconds remain on the possession clock if the offense retains possession of the ball after a save by the goalkeeper and rebound or if a shot hits the piping on the goal. If more than 59 seconds remain on the possession clock, no reset is necessary. 
  • Pregame stick checks will be eliminated.

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    4. Colonels' New Home

    centre baseball
    courtesy of Centre College

    "As part of its recently announced $50 million Initiative for Wellness and Athletic Excellence, Centre College will expand its south fields athletic complex to include new baseball facilities.

    Designed by Cincinnati-based MSA Sport, the new baseball complex will feature a full synthetic turf field just southeast of the Andrew P. Amend soccer complex completed in 2017. This will provide Centre student-athletes with an unparalleled Division III experience. In addition to the newly enhanced and expanded Gary Wright Field, Fishman Park will include an auxiliary baseball facility and batting tunnels. Existing structures on the property will be renovated to improve player development and provide a heightened game day experience.

    The baseball facilities will be part of the larger, 135,000-square-foot construction project in the heart of campus that will set a new standard for excellence among the nation's top-ranked liberal arts colleges.
    Construction for the new baseball complex just off of Roy Arnold Boulevard will begin immediately, with a tentative completion date timed for the start of the 2022 baseball season."

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    5.  SUNY Poly Receives $1.9M Gift

    SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly) announced today that its SUNY Poly Foundation is receiving a total of $1.9 million from the late Francis A. Wilcox—the largest individual donor contributions in the institution’s history. One gift of $1 million will support undergraduate student scholarships, and another gift of $900,000 will support the renovation of four electrical and computer engineering/engineering technology laboratories and the purchase of new, state-of-the-art equipment.

    The “Francis A. Wilcox Scholarship” will provide critical financial support to SUNY Poly students who demonstrate merit and/or financial need, especially, but not limited to, those enrolled in the College of Engineering. 

    "My uncle saved and invested nearly every penny he earned as an electrical engineer, amassing a small fortune,” said Kevin Keehle, who received his bachelor’s degree in business and public management from the institution in 1992. “He had hoped to help universities and colleges in many ways. After visiting the SUNY Poly Utica campus, my wife Sue and I saw an awesome opportunity to help others by giving these gifts. It makes perfect sense and links his past with not only SUNY Poly's future, but the city of Utica's future as well. My family is honored he can be a part of both."

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    6.  Comings and Goings
    1 THING

    7. Wilson Wows!


    Andrew Wilson - the first Division III swimmer to compete in the Olympic Games for Team USA - placed in a tie for sixth in last night's final of the 100 breaststroke. The former All-American at Emory hit the wall in 58.99.

    What. An. Accomplishment.
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