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The Waiting Game


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1.  The Waiting Game

by Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed

"Many are convinced that next week, when Ivy League and other competitive colleges theoretically tell applicants if they were admitted, they actually won't -- for thousands of students. Those students will be placed on waiting lists. And while colleges are quick to say that any student placed on a waiting list could succeed at the college, many students find waiting lists particularly frustrating -- arguably more frustrating than rejection.

This year, waiting lists are expected to be the worst ever (meaning the longest ever). The pandemic has led to a surge in applications at the most competitive colleges -- public and private. The new applications include minority and low-income applicants who in the past felt unwelcome or who are attracted by the fact that many of these colleges were test optional for the first time. (Colleges that cater to these students struggled for applications.) Many of the top colleges also admitted large early-decision/early-action classes. The result of all of these changes is that predicting yield -- the percentage of admitted applicants who enroll -- is likely to be more difficult this year. And when colleges are worried about yield, they tend to rely more on waiting lists than they do normally.

While some expect waiting lists to be "obnoxiously long," others aren't so sure. They note that colleges have lots of ways to guess whether particular groups of students will enroll if offered admission.

One important fact to remember is that many college waiting lists have been "obnoxiously long" for years."

>> Quotable: "Colleges have to be prepared for the possibility of not yielding their class and having a larger group of students request a gap year," said Claudia Marroquin, director of admissions at Bowdoin College. "Colleges use data and yield models as best as we can, but at the end of the day the final decision is in the hands of students across the country and the world."

>> Quotable II: "Colleges have an even lower confidence this year in their predictive analytics, which is likely to lead colleges with the capacity to build larger wait lists to do so as a hedge to protect their ability to stick the landing with their class", commented Ken Anselment, vice president for enrollment and communications at Lawrence University."

>> The Final Word: "Whether you are an admissions dean, a student, a school counselor, or a parent, we can all agree on this: The Waitlist Sucks. It’s like the brain freeze of admissions land; it’s the seventh layer of admission purgatory; it’s our collective Newman! Why? Why! Why?!" - Rick Clark, director of undergraduate admission at the Georgia Institute of Technology

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2. Calendar

31 - Alston v. NCAA, Supreme Court
31 - Championships Committee

7-9 - Wrestling Committee
10-11 - Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
12-13 - Management Council
15 - Membership Committee
20 - Minority Opportunities and Interest Committee
21 - Committee on Women's Athletics
28 - Presidents Council




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3.  Becker College to Close

by Scott O'Connell, Worcester Telegram & Gazette

"Becker College, with origins in the region dating to the late 1700s, will close at the end of the academic year.

The school last month made it clear that its future was in doubt, owing to financial struggles caused in large part by the pandemic.

In a post on the Becker College website, Christine L. Cassidy, chairwoman of the Board of Trustees wrote: "It is with deep regret that I share the news that on March 28, the Board of Trustees voted to permanently close Becker College at the end of the current academic year. The College will provide academic, support and transitional services to students through August 31, 2021. Following an orderly transition, classes will not resume in the Fall."

Meantime, other schools in the region, notably Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Clark University, are reaching out to displaced Becker students. 

WPI announced through its president, Laurie Leshin, it will accept Becker's Interactive Media students into its own Interactive Media & Game Development degree program. Clark, located just a few miles from Becker, announced Monday it’s establishing the Becker School of Design & Technology, which will house the college’s Interactive Media Design and associated programs, and continue to employ the administrators and faculty who run them currently."

>> What They're Saying: “We saw it coming a little bit — I wasn’t too surprised,” Becker College senior Anthony Papetti said Monday after hearing the news. “There’ve been rumors for years about the closing.”

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4. Lacrosse 

Jack Hennessey action


  1. RIT (20), 4-0
  2. Salisbury (1), 6-1
  3. Lynchburg (1), 6-1
  4. Tufts (2), 0-0
  5. Christopher Newport, 6-1
  6. York, 5-0
  7. Williams, 0-0
  8. Cabrini, 3-1
  9. Denison, 1-0
  10. St. Lawrence, 1-0
11-15: Ursinus, Gettysburg, Stevenson, St. John Fisher, Union
16-20: Wesleyan, Franklin & Marshall, Stevens, Ithaca, Cortland

>> Climbing: Tufts (+2), Lynchburg (+2), St. Lawrence (+2)
>> Falling: St. John Fisher (-3), Gettysburg (-2), Union (-2), 

>> Games to Watch: #1 RIT vs. #19 Ithaca (Wed); #2 Salisbury vs. #5 CNU (Sat); #6 York vs. #18 Stevens (Sat); #15 Union vs. #19 Ithaca (Sat)

  1. Franklin & Marshall (21), 1-0
  2. Tufts (3), 0-0
  3. Washington and Lee, 6-0
  4. Salisbury (1), 7-0
  5. Gettysburg, 2-0
  6. Wesleyan, Conn., 0-0
  7. York, Pa., 5-0
  8. Catholic, 1-0
  9. St. John Fisher, 5-0
  10. Ithaca, 4-0
11-15: TCNJ, Colby, Denison, William Smith, Geneseo
16-20: Brockport, Trinity, Mary Washington, Messiah, St. Mary's
21-25: Colorado College, Cortland, Christopher Newport, Lynchburg, Meredith

>> Moving On Up: Messiah (+2), Christopher Newport (+2)
>> Sliding Down: Brockport (-3), Colorado College (-2)
>> Hello: Meredith

>> Games to Watch: #9 St. John Fisher vs. #22 Cortland (Wed); #20 St. Mary's vs. #23 Christopher Newport (Wed); #10 Ithaca vs. #14 William Smith (Fri/Sat); #4 Salisbury vs. #23 CNU (Sat); #6 Wesleyan vs. #17 Trinity (Sat/Sun).

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5. The Sweet 16

The first round is over and we move to the Sweet 16. Thanks for participating and we hope you'll spread the word and vote again today.

Region I (click on link to listen)
Capital vs. Heidelberg
LaGrange vs Ohio Wesleyan

Region II
DePauw vs. Washington and Lee
Lycoming vs. Manchester

Region III
Wartburg vs. Mount Union
UW-La Crosse vs. Alma

Region IV
Adrian vs. Wittenberg
Virginia Wesleyan vs. Hanover



6. Comings and Goings

JOHNS HOPKINS - James Albanese named assistant field hockey coach
KNOX - Mary Burgland named assistant golf coach
POMONA-PITZER - Holly Roepke named senior associate athletic director



7. The Highlight Generation


A new era of sports fandom is upon us, in which fans increasingly come for snacks (highlights) instead of meals (live games), Axios Sports editor Kendall Baker writes from a Variety survey.

Why it matters: The sports ecosystem is built on live sports rights. If fans aren't regularly tuning into games, it could threaten the entire model.

  • The leagues' challenge: How to better monetize highlights.

Read the report.

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