Thursday, March 18, 2021

Mills College to Close


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1. Mills College to Close

Announcement | Mills College
by Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Education

"In 2015, after Sweet Briar College announced a plan to close that it has since reversed, another women's college on the other side of the country, seemed like it might soon follow. "Trying to Survive," the headline on Inside Higher Ed'profile of Mills College read, saying it "struggles with declining enrollment, a growing discount rate and faculty-administrator tensions. How endangered is the college?"

The verdict came Wednesday, as Mills -- after years in which it declared a financial emergency and imposed significant layoffsreset its tuition, sold off works of art, and tried numerous other strategies -- announced that it will stop enrolling new first-time undergraduate students after this fall and focus on pathways for graduating the students it has.

"Today’s news signals the end of an era in Mills College’s history," President Elizabeth L. Hillman wrote. "It may provoke a variety of reactions and emotions in you, as it has in me. I also expect you will have many questions, some of which I will not yet be able to answer. Mills takes seriously our obligation to keep you apprised as we assess options and build pathways for transition."

The school's athletic teams - the Cyclones - compete in the Coast-to-Coast Conference in six sports (cross country, rowing, soccer, swimming, tennis, and volleyball).

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2. Championships Spring Forward

by Jeremy Villanueva, NCAA

"The Division III Championships Committee reviewed the spring championships declaration data at its meeting Wednesday.

The spring declaration form, distributed to all Division III athletics directors, asked member schools to indicate their intention to compete during the spring season in a capacity that would permit them to meet the minimum contest requirements to be eligible for championship selection by the established selection dates. The form was sent March 3.

Based off the high number of schools planning to compete this spring, the committee will move forward with conducting spring championships for baseball, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s lacrosse, softball, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s outdoor track and field, and men’s volleyball.

Rowing is the only sport currently below the committee’s established threshold to provide a national championship experience. Since the rowing championship is more than two months away, the committee decided it will monitor the 90% threshold and the number of schools participating over the next few weeks by asking sponsoring institutions in advance whether their plans have changed before making a final decision on conducting the championship."

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3. Embracing My True Self

Lindsey Farrell (c) 2019 David Sinclair/McDaniel College
by Lindsey Farrell

"Sports were the only time I felt like I could be my true self and tune out the rest of the world. It was half my identity, the other half being a lesbian within sports.

Coming into McDaniel College in Maryland as a freshman playing soccer and lacrosse, I was still closeted but specifically choose not to come out in high school because of the fear of bullying.

I knew college would be the perfect opportunity to find myself in a safe space, and I came out during my freshman year. My “ah-hah” moment was actually a moment I wish on no one in the community.

It was at a playoff game at Johns Hopkins, and I was getting ready to take a penalty kick to advance my team to the championship. As I walk up to take the kick, a fan yelled out to me, “Hey number six, you sound like a dyke.”

>> Situational Awareness: "My world froze and my heart raced. I felt like I was in a different universe and couldn’t keep my focus as I became immediately insecure of who I was as an athlete. I thought I was able to hide that part of me and no one would notice — but someone did. I ended up missing the penalty kick because of the head space I was in, costing us a trip to the championship."

>> Reality Check: "That semester, I decided to come out to my lacrosse team and coaching staff in a game of Hangman. It would be the big announcement I could handle and let my teammates and coaches know who I was behind that jersey number. My sister and friend started yelling out the letters to correspond to the spaces, and I was nervously filling them in as everyone watched. My teammates and coaches realized what I was writing, and I was soon showered with hugs, cheers and loving words."

>> The Bottom Line: "I was then honored to receive “Female Athlete of the Year 2019” at graduation. It was a great honor because I knew that my story, my process, my research and my community made me into the best athlete I could of possibly be at McDaniel. I never would have received this award if I wasn’t embracing my true self as the only two-sport athlete at McDaniel who was fully out."

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4. Behind The Plate

This Week's NFCA Top 10

  1. East Texas Baptist, 10-0
  2. Virginia Wesleyan, 13-1-1
  3. Linfield, 11-1
  4. Texas Lutheran, 9-4
  5. Christopher Newport, 13-5
  6. Salisbury, 8-4
  7. DePauw, 10-0
  8. Kean, 2-0
  9. Berry, 9-2
  10. Transylvania, 9-2
11-15: Belhaven, St. John Fisher, Birmingham-Southern, Wartburg, Eastern Connecticut
16-20: MSOE, St. Olaf, Carthage, Moravian, Emory & Henry (tie), St. Catherine (tie)
22-25: Geneseo (tie), Trine (tie), Randolph-Macon, Carroll

>> Conference Call: ODAC (3), ASC (2), C2C (2), CCIW (2), MIAC (2), SAA (2), A-R-C (1), Empire 8 (1), HCAC (1), Landmark (1), Little East (1), MIAA (1), NACC (1), NCAC (1), NJAC (1), NWC (1), SCAC (1), SUNYAC (1) 

>> Games To Watch: #16 MSOE vs. #18 Carthage (Thu); #10 Transylvania vs. #14 Wartburg (Fri); #6 Salisbury vs. TCNJ (Sat); #9 Berry vs. #13 Birmingham-Southern (Sat); #10 Transylvania vs. #22 Trine (Sat); #20 St. Catherine vs. Coe (Sat)

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5.  At The Net

 Men's Volleyball Player spiking the ball over the net.

This Week's AVCA Men's Top 15
  1. Springfield, 2-0
  2. New Paltz, 0-0
  3. Carthage, 11-0
  4. Vassar, 0-0
  5. Rutgers-Newark, 4-1
  6. Benedictine, 7-0
  7. Dominican, 9-1
  8. Endicott, 0-2
  9. Juniata, 8-2
  10. Southern Virginia, 11-1
11-15: Lancaster Bible, St. John Fisher, North Central (Ill.), Stevenson, Nazareth

>> What We're Watching: #2 New Paltz vs. #12 St. John Fisher (Sat); #3 Carthage vs. #13 North Central (Sat); #9 Juniata vs. #10 Southern Virginia (Sat)

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This Week's AVCA Women's Top 10
  1. Colorado College, 8-0
  2. Trinity, Texas, 6-2
  3. Transylvania, 15-1
  4. Mary Hardin-Baylor, 9-1
  5. Carthage, 3-1
  6. Texas-Dallas, 8-0
  7. Millikin, 3-1
  8. Elmhurst, 3-0
  9. Berry, 4-0
  10. Birmingham-Southern, 4-0
11-15: Whitworth, Coe, Mount St. Joseph, Webster, Loras
16-20: Greenville, Cornell, Otterbein, Westminster (Mo.), Stockton
21-25: Hendrix, Ohio Northern, Wartburg, Northwestern, Muskingum

>> Matches to Watch: #7 Millikin vs. #8 Elmhurst (Fri); #22 Ohio Northern vs. #25 Muskingum (Fri); #12 Coe vs. #15 Loras (Sat)

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6.  Comings and Goings

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