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When Even Good Leaders Make Enemies



NOVEMBER 20, 2020 | written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  When Even Good Leaders Make Enemies

by Rob Jenkins, Chronicle of Higher Education

"It’s certainly true that bad administrators make a lot of enemies on their campuses. But it’s also true that good leaders sometimes make enemies too. Incurring a certain amount of opposition is simply an unpleasant but unavoidable part of the job. It usually means you’re doing something right.

In fact, if you’re in an administrative position, and you’ve never made any enemies, then you probably haven’t proposed much real change in your realm, and that’s a different kind of bad leadership.

As a former college administrator — with stints as a department chair, a program director, and even, briefly, a dean — I am now a faculty member and a leadership coach. After more than three decades in academe, I can confirm that there are many reasons why, as a good leader, you might occasionally inspire enmity, including the following:

  • You Can't Please Everyone
  • You Do What's Right
  • You Are Who (And What) You Are
  • You Represent Change
  • You Tell The Truth
  • You're Successful
  • You Messed Up
>> The Final Word: "So yes, sometimes as a leader you will make enemies as a result of your own words, deeds, or mistakes. Part of the challenge of leadership is learning to work around those obstacles and become the kind of good leader who may not be valued by every faculty member but will at least be appreciated by most."

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2.  Strategic Planning and Finance Recap

At its meeting via teleconference Wednesday, the Division III Strategic Planning and Finance Committee proposed a one-time, three-year budget cycle for 2021-22 through 2023-24.

The three-year budget cycle was recommended due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and members’ belief that a three-year cycle, versus the division’s traditional biannual cycle, will best position the division. The Management and Presidents Councils will review and finalize the recommendation during their January meetings in conjunction with the 2021 NCAA Convention. In June, the committee had endorsed budget cuts of nearly $2 million a year annually for fiscal years 2021-24 to offset projected budget shortfalls.

“Typically Division III works on a two-year budget cycle, but with the unique challenges COVID-19 has had on our budget, this one-time, three-year budget cycle allows us to best work through those,” said Fayneese Miller, chair of the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee and president at Hamline. “I applaud this committee and our leadership across the division on the way they continue to make the necessary decisions to position our membership and student-athletes well for the present and future.”

The committee also was given a report that the division finished 2019-20 with a $7.2 million deficit after a catastrophic insurance payment of $5 million was received. The deficit is being covered by the division’s mandated reserve.


3. #d3Donates

The Division III Assistant/Associate Commissioners Group (DIIIACG) launches its inaugural #d3Donates campaign for the 2020-21 academic year.

The #d3Donates campaign is, at its core, a voluntary, student-athlete driven initiative. Activating participants throughout the Division III landscape – and the division’s 180,000-plus student-athletes – will be largely dependent on both the cooperation and collaboration of our student-athletes. Developing creative and effective ways to engage and connect with their peers during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hasn’t been easy, but the perseverance of Division III student-athletes is what will make this incredible initiative a success.

>> Situational Awareness: The #d3Donates campaign is a five-month endeavor that will showcase the many ways that NCAA Division III student-athletes are positively impacting their communities. Through the donation of an individual's time, food, or other resources, the initiative will promote the spirit of giving throughout the athletics community.

>> Of Note: Student-athletes who participate in #d3Donates can share photos and videos of their community service efforts on social media by using the hashtag #d3Donates. The hashtag #d3Donates should also serve as a call to action for Division III student-athletes to participate in the campaign. #d3Donates will not compile metrics related to the campaign but encourage participation for the good of the community.

>> What They're Saying: “I commend the members of the DIIIACG’s SAAC Standing Committee for their work on this initiative,” noted DIIIACG Chair, Mike Christie. “Division III student-athletes are consistently assisting their communities in a variety of ways throughout the academic year and #d3Donates is a great way to help showcase those efforts.” 

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4.  COVID Scorecard

We continue to update the winter and spring competition seasons for schools and conferences.

Moving Forward

Waiting to Make Call

Canceled Conference Play and Championships

Institutions Opting Out 


5. Comings and Goings
6.  1 Smile to Go

Spotted at the giant panda protection and research center in Aba, Sichuan, China.

- courtesy of Axios

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