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Management Council Recap



OCTOBER 22, 2020 | written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  Management Council Recap

by Jeremy Villanueva, NCAA

"The Division III Management Council is forwarding a recommendation to the Presidents Council to allow all Division III student-athletes to compete up to the established dates of competition/contest maximums without being charged a season of intercollegiate participation for this academic year.

The Presidents Council will review the recommendation during its Oct. 28 videoconference.

The blanket waiver request would not charge student-athletes a term of attendance for any term (semester/quarter) during the 2020-21 academic year in which they were eligible for competition.

The council noted that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to dramatically affect higher education at least through the end of this academic year and likely beyond, and student-athletes are feeling the impact from both an academic and athletics perspective. The uncertainty regarding the extent of their athletics participation and the related eligibility repercussions contribute to a growing list of concerns for student-athletes.

Almost three-quarters of the Division III conferences recommended the season-of-participation blanket waiver, and it also was supported by several governance committees, including the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee."

Elsewhere ... 

  • The Management Council this week also approved a slew of recommendations from the Division III Championships Committee, including an item that maximizes the brackets and field sizes for all 2021 winter and spring sport championships at 75 percent
  • The council received an executive summary of a report on collegiate officiating, A Strategic Analysis of the State of Collegiate Officiating.
  • The council approved an official interpretation from the Interpretations and Legislation Committee confirming nontraditional coursework may be used to satisfy full-time enrollment requirements for practice or competition

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2.  It's Not What's for Dinner

by Louise Radnofsky and Andrew Beaton, Wall Street Journal

"The NFL season has been sacked by bursts of Covid-19 cases over the last several weeks. Games have been postponed. Teams have been shut down. Safety protocols have been overhauled.

Yet there’s a sliver of hope for football—and many other sports—in this rash of cases. The virus doesn’t appear to have spread from team to team on the field. That echoes the experience of other professional sports that have played during the pandemic without transmitting the virus during competition.

It’s everything else that’s the problem. Traveling and sharing a locker room are more suspect than humongous people tackling one another. And one ritual may be scarier than everything else: having dinner together.

>> Situational Awareness: "The question is how the virus spreads. The conclusion emerging from the absence of documented cases of inter-team transmission is that most fields of play are far safer than an indoor meal. As the winter approaches, however, some indoors sports like hockey—especially at the recreational or youth level—may yet face problems."

>> Why It Matters: "Early in its season, (Notre Dame) gave out grab-and-go meals to players and staff to avoid gathering large groups of ravenous people chowing down unmasked and indoors, a triple whammy of conditions favoring the spread of the virus. When 25 players suddenly tested positive in September, coach Brian Kelly said afterward that the outbreak occurred when the team skirted its own rules and held a large pregame meal together before playing the University of South Florida on Sept. 19."

>> Reality Check - Ice Hockey: “The ice rink provides a venue that is likely well suited to Covid-19 transmission as an indoor environment where deep breathing occurs, and persons are in close proximity to one another,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wrote."

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3.  Chasing Your Dream

by Gary Johnson, UW-Eau Claire

"Clint Overby hadn’t figured out a clear career path in the mid-1990s when as a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire undergraduate he landed a part-time job in the school’s sports information office. Overby just figured it might be fun to sit courtside compiling statistics at Blugold basketball games.

One day Overby was in the office of then-sports information director Tim Petermann when Overby’s boss asked him to retrieve the National Directory of College Athletics from a shelf. Overby grabbed the hefty directory and paged through it, looking at the thousands of names in the publication.

“I thought, ‘All these people have jobs in college sports?’” Overby recalls. “This is a profession? Who knew? I said, ‘Shoot, that’s for me.’

More than a quarter-century later, the UW-Eau Claire alumnus is vice president of ESPN Events, a division of the iconic sports network that produces 35 collegiate sporting events nationwide, including early-season football games, bowl games, basketball events, award shows and a softball event. The events reach nearly 64 million viewers and attract more than 800,000 attendees each year."

>> Between The Lines: “It gave me the opportunity to be involved in as much as I wanted to be involved in, the opportunity to grow and expand myself,” Overby says of those diverse activities on the UW-Eau Claire campus. “It offered me, a small-town kid, the ability to see the larger world that I wasn’t seeing at the time.”

>> The Big Picture: “Get involved and foster your passions,” Overby says. “I think the thing I would tell people is just because it’s not a traditional route doesn’t make it not right. Just because your box doesn’t align with the boxes provided doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity for you.” 

>> Lessons Learned


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4.  Conference Call

Today we conclude our look at our Division III landscape with the oldest collegiate athletic conference in the country.

Conference: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
Commissioner: Penny Allen-Cook
Headquarters: Freeland, Mich. 
  • Founded: March 24, 1888
  • Remaining Charter Members (2): Albion, Olivet
  • Core Members (7): Kalamazoo (1896), Alma (1902), Adrian (1908), Hope (1926), Calvin (1953), Saint Mary's (1997), Trine (2004)
  • Associates (1): Finlandia (FB)
  • Oldest: Kalamazoo (1833)
  • Largest: Calvin (3,415)
  • Smallest: Olivet (933)
  • Longest Trip: 206 miles (Alma to Saint Mary's)
  • Championship Sports: 23

sources: Google Maps, EADA

5.  Comings and Goings

6.  DIII and the World Series


Thanks to those who wrote and shared the names of Division III baseball players who have participated in the World Series.

Schools That Were Not D-III At Time (D3 began in 1973-74)

  • Dal Maxvill, St. Louis Cardinals, 1964-67-68, Oakland Athletics, 1972-74 (Washington U.)
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