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The Next Domino

JULY 20, 2020 | written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  The Next Domino

Depression & the Domino Effect - | Hope To Cope ...

The question now becomes who's next?

Division III now stands at 26 conferences that have altered, suspended or canceled their 2020 fall season.

Here is our list of the schools and conferences that have announced fall decisions at

Below are the conferences that have not made a public announcement as of this morning.
  • Allegheny Mountain (AMCC)
  • American Rivers
  • Atlantic East
  • American Southwest
  • Capital
  • CCIW
  • Colonial States (CSAC)
  • Great Northeast (GNAC)
  • Heartland
  • Landmark
  • Little East
  • Michigan (MIAA)
  • New Jersey (NJAC)
  • North Atlantic (NAC)
  • Northern Athletics (NACC)
  • Northwest
  • Skyline
  • WIAC (Wisconsin)
Top Endowments of Liberal Arts Schools That Have Not Cancelled
  1. Berry ($1,058,605)
  2. Denison ($877,592)
  3. Colby ($869,927)
  4. Macalester ($770,782)
  5. DePauw ($730,341)
  6. Principia ($707,266)
  7. Whitman ($565,256)
  8. St. Olaf ($544,840)
  9. Wheaton, Ill. ($503,366)
  10. Earlham ($418,845)
  11. Skidmore ($384,280)
  12. Puget Sound ($380,507)
  13. Lawrence ($356,958)
  14. Wabash ($344,252)
  15. Wooster ($328,921)
source: Chronicle of Higher Education

>> Worth Noting: Of the conferences comprised of mostly public institutions, only the MASCAC has made an announcement. No decision yet from the CUNYAC, Little East, NJAC, SUNYAC and WIAC.

>> Bottom Line: This could be a busy week for D3Playbook.


2. Working Group Supports NIL Concepts

NCAA allows profit from name, image, likeness
by Jeremy Villaneuva, NCAA

"The NCAA Division III Name, Image and Likeness Oversight Working Group recommended two legislative concepts to be considered by the Management and Presidents Councils at their upcoming summer meetings. 

The first concept would allow student-athletes to use their status as athletes to promote their own work product or service. 

Work product and service examples would include promotion of private lessons, camps and clinics; monetizing social media platforms; pay for autographs; promotion of creative and/or academic endeavors; promotion of their own business; and general promotion of other work product or service.

The second concept would allow student-athletes to use their status as athletes to endorse third-party products or services, provided there is no institutional involvement in procuring promotional opportunities for student-athletes (except to the extent the school is involved with assisting students generally). Name, image and likeness opportunities would not be part of the recruiting process, and compensation would not be a substitute for pay for play. 

>> Situational Awareness: "The recommendations come on the heels of the membership survey in June that collected feedback on the name, image and likeness concepts from Division III presidents and chancellors, athletics directors, conference commissioners and the national Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee."

>> What's Next: Review by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the Management Council, the Presidents' Advisory Group before the Presidents' Council meets on August 5.

>> Read More


3.  Sign of the Times?

About Carthage | About Carthage | Carthage College
by Daphne Chen, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


"Citing rising costs and changing student interests, Carthage College announced plans to eliminate up to 20% of faculty and restructure 10 academic departments last week, blindsiding some students who said the move “betrays” the institution’s identity as a liberal arts college. 

Carthage Provost David Timmerman called the move “difficult but necessary.” 

“Student interest is shifting, and they’ve been voting with their feet for the last 10 years,” Timmerman said. “In some cases, some departments have had higher numbers of faculty needed than students.”

>> What's Next: "Ten standalone departments — biology, classics, English, modern languages, music, philosophy, physics, political science, religion, and sociology/criminal justice — will be combined into a smaller number of departments under the proposal. Between 15 to 30 faculty, including tenured faculty, will face layoffs."

>> Between The Lines: "With a volatile economy and the cost of higher education greater than ever, colleges and universities have struggled to increase student enrollment revenues. Carthage College, like many other institutions, has increasingly invested in growing pre-professional programs such as nursing, data science and business."

>> What They're Saying: “Since the student base is the one that is getting the education, I think we have a right to say what kind of education we want to have,” senior Bradley Morelli said."

>> Be Smart: Just one example of what could happen on many campuses in the very near future.

>> Continue Reading


4.  Tracking the Fall

Follow along with the schools and conferences that have announced fall decisions at


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5. Calendar
  • July 20-21 - Management Council
  • July 21-23 - Baseball Rules committee
  • July 28 - Playing and Practice Seasons subcommittee
  • July 31 - Today's Top 10 Award nomination deadline
  • August 3 - Presidents Advisory Group
  • August 4 - COVID-19 and Waiver Update webinar
  • August 5 - Presidents Council


6.  Comings and Goings
7.  1 Smile to Go

via Getty Images

Plentiful acorns last fall meant a big buffet when chipmunks got busy breeding this spring, and now New England has a bumper crop of varmints, AP reports.

  • Small-mammal biologists are also seeing more squirrels, rabbits and mice.

Chipmunks are digging holes in gardens, tunneling under lawns.

  • "We can't grow a tulip without them digging it up," said Steven Parren of the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife.

What's next: Small-mammal populations boom and bust.

  • Such is life near the bottom of the food chain: Chipmunks are easy prey for owls, hawks, snakes, foxes and raccoons.

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