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Will It Be Enough?

APRIL 14, 2020 | written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  Will It Be Enough?

Christopher Newport baseball set to host DIII NCAA Tournament ...
by Karen Weaver, Forbes Sports Money

"While much of the athletics world has been tracking on the fate of spring sport athletes and whether or not schools will fund their return in 2021, there are other significant issues being discussed in athletics that may or may not have hit your radar. Here are a few questions that should be asked when we consider athletics during and after the coronavirus pandemic."
  1. Can’t we just add more teams? That will bring more students to campus
  2. Why can’t individual states bail out athletics programs?
  3. What can college athletics do?

"As a result of this pandemic, people who care about college athletics must view this as a chance to strengthen their long term partnership with higher education. Conference commissioners, coaches associations, athletic directors and other staff should try to be part of the solution, and not just sit on the sidelines worrying. Now is a great time to reach out to alumni and keep them informed. While they may not be able to immediately provide a financial donation, they are sure to appreciate being brought up to speed on how much this industry is changing, and why it won’t look the same as when they played for your school."

>> Why It Matters: "I’ve heard many athletic directors talk about their concerns for athlete welfare during this episode. Part of helping the players is to be honest with them about what you do and don’t know. Hopefully, your employees understand this situation is bigger than one school or one conference. Help your players and their families understand this, too."

>> The Final Word: "You can’t negotiate with a pandemic. None of us know how long this “new normal” will last."

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2.  How Much Stimulus Money Will Your College Get?

Millions of Americans will soon get stimulus checks. But here's ...

by Dan Bauman, Chronicle of Higher Education

"The federal stimulus package enacted last month will send about $14 billion in grants directly to institutions of higher education. The law was passed as college leaders continued to grapple with the financial consequences of moving instruction online as well as the broader economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

(Last) Thursday the U.S. Department of Education released new information about how a majority of that money, or $12.5 billion, would be distributed across the sector. (The remaining share of the stimulus money will be directed to minority-serving institutions and smaller colleges.)

Below is a sortable table showing how much of the $12.5 billion each college is in line to receive. Half of each institution’s total grant amount is reserved for emergency student aid, represented in the right column. That portion of the money, the department said in a Thursday news release, will be distributed “immediately.”

Top 10 Division III Institutions by Total Allocation
  1. New York University - $25.6 million
  2. Montclair State - $19.9M
  3. Baruch - $16.5M
  4. CCNY - $15.4M
  5. John Jay - $15.3M
  6. Rowan - $14.4M
  7. Johnson & Wales - $14.1M
  8. Kean - $13.5M
  9. Lehman - $13.3M
  10. UMass Boston - $12.1M

list does not include state flagship institutions (Penn State, Rutgers, etc.)

>> How Much Is Your School Receiving?

3.  #WatchD3 

Our campaign to have past Division III athletics contests made available to those quarantined and looking for quality viewing continues.

Television on Apple iOS 13.3   Today's Feature  Television on Apple iOS 13.3

2017 Men's Volleyball Semifinal

#4 New Paltz vs. #5 Wentworth

A thrilling five-set match between the defending national champs and an upstart looking for its first-ever trip to the NCAA final.


all we ask is that you add #WatchD3 as a hashtag when you post a video from a past game at your institution.


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    4.  The List

    Courtney Allen, Principia

    These women have won multiple Division III tennis individual championships.

    • Courtney Allen, Principia (1984-85-87)
    • Nao Kinoshita, Rhodes (1995-97)
    • Elena Blanina, Methodist (2001-02)
    • Mary Ellen Gordon, Emory (2003-04)
    • Gabrielle Clark, Emory (2012-14)
    • Eudice Chong, Wesleyan, Conn. (2015-16-17-18)

    Doubles (with same partner)
    • Courtney Allen and Sue Godfrey, Principia (1986-87)
    • Shelley Keeler and Erin Hendricks, Pomona-Pitzer (1991-92)
    • Mary Ellen Gordon and Anusha Natarajan, Emory (2001-02)
    • Mary Ellen Gordon and Jolyn Taylor, Emory (2003-04)
    • Tara Houlihan and Lyndsey Palen, Gustavus Adolphus (2005-06)
    • Brittany Berckes and Alicia Menezes, Amherst (2007-08)
    • Chrissy Hu and Kendra Higgins, Chicago (2009-10)
    • Jordan Brewer and Gabby Devlin, Amherst (2011-13-14)
    • Julie Raventos and Linda Shin, Williams (2015-16)

    Editor's Note: Apologies for missing Crown (Storm) and Widener (Pride) from yesterday's List. As I said ... old list (my excuse and I'm sticking with it).

    5.  Comings and Goings

    6. 1 Playful Thing 

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