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Knight on NIL

APRIL 7, 2020 | written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  Knight on NIL

Final Four flag fly over the headquarter of the NCAA in Indianapolis, Thursday, March 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
AP Photo/Michael Conroy

The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics released a set of principles Monday to guide the development of new policies allowing college athletes to earn compensation for the use of their name, image and likeness (NIL) from sources other than their institutions.

The Commission sent the recommendations to the NCAA last week in advance of NCAA governance meetings later this month when changes to these rules will be considered.

“There’s no reason that college athletes shouldn’t have the same rights as other students on campus to earn compensation for the use of their name, image and likeness,” said Commission Co-Chair Arne Duncan, former U.S. Secretary of Education. “This is long overdue, and we hope that the principles we’re proposing will help open up opportunities for college athletes while ensuring they are treated fairly and know their rights.”

The Commission’s five recommended principles protect the rights of college athletes to pursue NIL opportunities while ensuring they do not become forms of pay for play or create improper recruiting advantages.
  1. Fairness to Athletes as Students.
  2. Informing Athletes on NIL Rights.
  3. Oversight of NIL Rights.
  4. Guardrails for NIL Rights.
  5. National Uniformity.
The details for each principle can be found here.

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2.  Donnelly's Goats

Tom Donnelly walks to practice with members of his team. "As a coach, you influence [athletes] by 1 percent, maybe," he said.

by Mike Jensen, Philadelphia Inquirer
"A track meet was in progress, indoors at Haverford College on Saturday, Feb. 22, just before noon. The races had drawn a little crowd. Men of varying ages, standing around the track, remembering races where one of them came in 25th and another guy 26th, how they’d forgotten they’d even run in the race, except Tom Donnelly had it down, and if the details got hazy, Haverford’s coach could reach into a drawer in his office and find the exact 25th and 26th he was talking about.

That weekend, a couple of hundred of Donnelly runners came back for a reunion, most of all honoring a man who was a hero to virtually all of them, regardless of finish.

If there’s a list of great pound-for-pound coaches in this area, all sports, Donnelly would be way high on that list, working with some of the great milers in the history of the sport while at the same time turning guys who could barely walk a straight line into contributing members of a small-college dynasty.

Talk to any of his guys, and the stories would be both specific and of a like manner. So let’s talk to a man who didn’t run for Donnelly, who showed up for the reunion because he had spent a few years as a Donnelly assistant while going to law school.

“Today took me back to a life I usually do not think about much,’’ Mike McGrath mentioned later, “probably because it is painful to confront how much I miss it.”

>> Situational Awareness: "The reunion was honoring Donnelly’s 45th year at Haverford, and also to celebrate an early milestone, a 1980 Middle Atlantic Conference indoor title. McGrath ran in that meet, but for Franklin & Marshall, and notes that if the distance medley relay team he anchored had not beaten Widener in a race that Haverford won, Widener would have won the meet. Instead, F&M finished third, Widener placed fifth, and Haverford won the league by a half-point."

>> The Big Picture: "After the meet, there were speeches, including from Marcus O’Sullivan, now Villanova’s coach, who noted, as he has before, how Donnelly emphasized when he agreed to coach O’Sullivan in 1984 that his own first priority would always be Haverford’s team. This is only noteworthy when you realize O’Sullivan set an indoor world record for 1,500 meters and won three indoor world championships while working under Donnelly."

>> Between The Lines: Every Haverford runner new to the team can expect to hear three things when they ask what Donnelly is looking for: a nice kid, who really loves the sport, and wants to be part of a close-knit team. “If you have a kid who is like that, even if he’s the absolute slowest kid on the team, or has no jumping ability at all — a kid like that, with those three qualities, is going to contribute a huge amount to the team."

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3.  #WatchD3 

2014 Championship Full Replay: Hope vs. Emory | NCAA.com

ICYMI from Monday - Now more than ever with more and more of us remain under "stay-at-home" orders, people are turning to streaming video for entertainment. One needs to look no further than "The Tiger King" to know what we are talking about.

Sports fans from around the country are rewatching vintage baseball, basketball and football contests, bringing back fond memories of great games and performances.

It's time for us to bring what Division III has to offer to the masses.

>> Reality Check: Yes, it's not Duke-Kentucky basketball in 1992 or Texas-USC football in 2006 - what is? But we can showcase what is best about collegiate sports - that is, competitive athletics involving non-scholarship students. And as the scholarship model worries about the possibility of a fall without football, DIII may become more and more of an option for prospective students.

>> Salute: To those who are making games available since Monday (and apologies to those missed): @msuredhawks @BergAthletics @sncathletics @UofRathletics @PotsdamBears

>> What's Next: We will continue to feature great games of the past and salute schools that are doing the same. Our only request ... let's get the #WatchD3 hashtag going. This will enable everyone who wants to watch great DIII competition to easily find it in one place.

Television on Apple iOS 13.3   Today's Double Feature  Television on Apple iOS 13.3
Two of the best women's volleyball championship matches you'll ever see.

2013 Final
Calvin vs. Cal Lutheran

2014 Final
Emory vs. Hope

    4.  Comings and Goings
    5. 1 Shining Thing 

    Last night would have been the NCAA men's championship game in Atlanta.
    • So here's a treasury from the "March Madness memories" AP has been running to help fill its sports pages.
    Best of the best ... Here are the original AP game stories (gamers!) from the top-10 games in tournament history, as voted by a panel of sportswriters:
    1. Villanova and UNC swap 3-pointers in the final seconds as the Wildcats come out on top in the 2016 title game.
    2. "The Shot": Christian Laettner's dagger at the overtime buzzer against Kentucky sends Duke to the Final Four. in 1992.
    3. N.C. State stuns Houston on last-second dunk in 1983 title game.
    4. Villanova upends top-ranked Georgetown in 1985 title game.
    5. Duke ends UNLV's run in Final Four in 1991.
    6. Kansas beats Memphis in OT in 2008 title game.
    7. Duke hangs on to beat Butler in 2010 title game.
    8. N.C. State beats UCLA in the 1974 national semifinals.
    9. UNC beats Georgetown for '82 title.
    10. UNC beats Michigan for '93 title.
    >> Trivia Time: Name the best player for N.C. State and for UCLA in the 1974 semifinal. Answer tomorrow.

    >> Yes, but: This isn't DIII. So, maybe we should do a list for the top men's and women's games in tournament history? Hmmmm.

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