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Here Come the Furloughs

APRIL 13, 2020 | written by STEVE ULRICH
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1.  Here Come the Furloughs

by Emma Whitford,

"First came the hiring freezes. Now come the furloughs.

Several colleges announced furloughs and layoffs this week and warned of potential additional staff reductions in the weeks to come. As colleges field unexpected expenses and lost revenue due to the coronavirus outbreak, paying employees -- especially those who are unable to do their jobs remotely -- is becoming more difficult.

When colleges are forced to consider budget cuts, administrative costs such as travel and expense funds are typically the first to go, according to Ken Rodgers, director at S&P Global. Hiring freezes come next, which result in "a reasonable amount of savings," he said. If that's not enough, pay reductions, furloughs and layoffs become viable expense-saving options."

>> The Big Picture: "Furloughs are sometimes used as defensive measures, Rodgers said. They can better position colleges should their financial situations get worse, “i.e., this fall, if it turns out that students, for whatever reason, don't come back.”

>> Reality Check: "June is likely to be a key decision point on future furloughs and layoffs, Rodgers said, because the June 30 end of the fiscal year will be approaching. Colleges will be working out their budgets for the new 2021 fiscal year."

>> Be Smart: “They’re trying to see how this is going to impact their fiscal '21 budget,” he said. “They’re having to make assumptions that may be very difficult to make as far as what enrollment to anticipate under scenario one, scenario two, scenario three.”

Announced Furloughs

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2.  DIII Week
NCAA DIII Week - April 1-7 - Aurora University Athletics
The NCAA Division III team has decided to continue to conduct Division III Week during April 13-19, in an appropriate format. Division III Week will provide an opportunity for all individuals associated with a Division III institution or conference to unite and recognize the powerful impact of athletics and student-athletes on the campus and surrounding community as a chance to help carry us through this challenging time.

Join the social media dialogue and tell us #whyd3 was the right choice for you or the life lessons learned from being a Division III student-athlete that go beyond the sport itself. The  Division III Week Communications Kit serves as a planning guide, and further information about Division III Week is available online.

Please let the DIII staff know, in advance, all planned Division III Week activities, either by submitting information through the online form, or sending it to  If you have questions, please contact Adam Skaggs.

3.  #WatchD3


Our campaign to have past Division III athletics contests made available to those quarantined and looking for quality viewing continues.

Television on Apple iOS 13.3   Today's Feature  Television on Apple iOS 13.3

2019 Women's Soccer Semifinal

Carnegie Mellon vs. Williams

It was a match that featured 33 shots, 10 corner kicks, and a penalty-kick shootout to decide who advanced to the national final.

All we ask is that you add #WatchD3 as a hashtag when you post a video from a past game at your institution. We would love to include as one of our featured games.

>> Previous Replays
3/26: 2019 M/W Tennis Individual Finals

3/30: 2019 MIH Final: Norwich vs. UW-Stevens Point
3/31: 2019 FH Final - Franklin & Marshall vs. Middlebury
4/1: 2016 MSOC Final - Calvin vs. Tufts
4/2: 2014 WBB Final - FDU-Florham vs. Whitman
4/3: 2016 MLX Final - Salisbury vs. Tufts
4/4: 2018 WLX Final - Gettysburg vs. Middlebury
4/4: 2019 FB 2nd Round: Mount Union vs. North Central
4/5: 2019 MBB Regular-Season: Saint John's vs. St. Thomas
4/5: 2017 SFB Final: St. John Fisher vs. Virginia Wesleyan

4/6: 2019 MXC, WXC Championships
4/7: 2013 WVB Final: Calvin vs. Cal Lutheran
4/7: 2014 WVB Final: Emory vs. Hope
4/8: 1981 MBB Final: Augustana vs. Potsdam State
4/9: 2017 WIH Final: Adrian vs. Plattsburgh State
4/10: 2013 BSB: Ithaca vs. Southern Maine
4/11: 1977 Stagg Bowl: Wabash vs. Widener
4/11: 1983 Stagg Bowl: Augustana vs. Union

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4.  The List

Each day, we'll provide a list of what we think is a fun fact about Division III sports. Hopefully, you'll find the walk down memory lane to be an interesting read.

Today's list is more of a trivia question, since we can't just list 10.

Can you the Division III schools' athletic team nicknames that DO NOT end with the letter "s"?

That's both men and women (sorry Cal Lutheran and Carthage).

No cheating. But we will provide a hint.

>> Conference Call (28): American Rivers (3), Centennial (3), CCIW (2), Michigan (2), NEAC (2), NEWMAC (2), North Coast (2), CSAC, CUNYAC, GNAC, Liberty, Little East, Middle Atlantic, Midwest, NACC. NECC, Presidents, SAA, USA South.

Answer, and hopefully not using an old list, below. And let us know how you did. We'll acknowledge those with 21 or more. And no "Google." Bing ... well.

5.  Comings and Goings

6.  1 Photo Day Thing 

Dog Face on Apple   Dogs. They're the best.

"The List" answer: Alverno (Inferno), Bethany (Bison), Central (Dutch), Denison (Big Red), Gallaudet (Bison), Greensboro (Pride), Hobart (Statesmen), Hope (Flying Dutchmen), Keuka (Storm), Knox (Prairie Fire), Lebanon Valley (Flying Dutchmen), Lehman (Lightning), Lesley (Lynx), Luther (Norse), McDaniel (Green Terror), Millikin (Big Blue), Oberlin (Yeomen/women), Regis (Pride), Rhode Island College (Anchormen/women), Rhodes (Lynx), Simpson (Storm), Springfield (Pride), Swarthmore (Garnet), Trine (Thunder), Washington College (Shoremen/women), Wellesley (Blue), Wheaton, Ill. (Thunder), Wilson (Phoenix).

Make it a great Monday. See you back here tomorrow.

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