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Referee Shortage

NOVEMBER 1, 2019 | written by Steve Ulrich
your must-read briefing on what's driving the day in NCAA Division III

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1. Referee Shortage

"Think high school football.

Think Friday night lights.

Think of a special gathering time and place for students, parents, alumni and other supporters of athletes clad as colorfully as the leaves in the trees that surround the stadiums.

Think Thursday night, too?

Fans of the sport in Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey might soon find out because officials on both sides of the river are pushing hard for more football teams to play on Thursday nights starting next season to account for a disturbing development: A shortage of officials."

“Something has to be done,” said Ernie Gallagher, a long-time assignor of officials for both the Philadelphia Public League and Philadelphia Catholic League as well as several youth leagues. “We’re having a problem covering all these games [on Friday nights], and it’s only going to get worse.”

In South Jersey, Lindenwold High athletic director Derryk Sellers, who is the president of the 95-school West Jersey Football League, has asked every school to schedule one Thursday night home game during the 2020 season.

“I’m pushing hard for it,” Sellers said. “I’m telling everybody at every meeting I go to, ‘Look around. We don’t have enough officials.’ ”

>> Why It Matters: According to the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, the group has 16,533 registered officials to cover 13 sports during the 2018-19 school year. That's 1,132 fewer than five years ago.

>> What They're Saying: "It's simple math: Too many games, not enough officials." - John Barna, South Jersey soccer assignor.

>> Reality Check I: “Our average [umpire] in baseball is 67 years old. Our average guy in softball is 63 years old. What happens when they walk away?” - Ernie Gallagher, assignor for the Philadelphia Public and Catholic Leagues.

>> Reality Check II: “You go to a football game, it’s a referee crew of 65-year-olds. It should be a crew of 30-year-olds.” - Derryk Sellers, Lindenwold High School athletic director

>> The Final Word: “Sometimes, maybe you have to let things get to a critical mass. In couple years, guess what? We won’t have games, and then maybe the kids say, ‘Hey, Mom and Dad, I can’t play because you ruined it.’ Maybe that’s what it’s going to take.” - Larry White, Executive Director, NJSIAA

>> Read More from Phil Anastasia, Philadelphia Inquirer
>> Watch "The Parent Seat" video

2.  Stopping the Flopping

Ken Clark did it for science.

It was 2014, and Clark, then a doctoral student at Southern Methodist University, was part of a biomechanics group tasked by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban with studying – and perhaps fixing – flopping, basketball’s dark, daffy art of fooling referees into calling fouls that aren’t.

Like all researchers, the SMU team needed data. Specifically, collision data. The underlying idea, Clark tells the Guardian, was “what if we just imagine people like billiard balls and go from there?” And that’s how Clark, his colleagues, and some hardy student volunteers found themselves in a campus lab, slamming each other off their feet, over and over again, as sensors captured every pileup.

Years after a company owned by Cuban gave a six-figure grant to SMU to investigate a perpetual hoops quandary that leaves game officials perplexed and fans apoplectic – flop or not? – the school’s Locomotor Performance Laboratory has released its findings in an amusing and informative video that breaks down everything you wanted to know about the physics of flopping, but probably never thought to ask.

>> Reality Check: In the NBA, there are two types of players. Those who have flopped, and those who haven’t – yet. LeBron James flopsChris Paul flopsStephen Curry flops. Hoops history’s attic is crammed with Oscar-worthy efforts: a Vlade Divac pratfall here, a Dwyane Wade tumble there, a truly magnificent offense-defense double dive from Manu Ginobili and Raja Bell, the flopping equivalent of the Al Pacino-Robert DeNiro diner face-off in Heat.

>> Why Does It Matter: Basketball fans love to see the good guys get away with some well-timed ersatz contact; they get irate when the bad guys pull the same trick.

>> Yes, But: To stop flopping, however, you first have to spot flopping – yet by definition, a good flop is indistinguishable in real time from a genuine foul.

>> Of Note: SMU biomechanics professor Peter Weyand, a former basketball player at Bates, and his team ran three experiments. All three told the same story. It doesn’t take much to knock someone standing upright off balance – just 50 lbs for a quarter of a second, roughly the same as walking or lightly jogging into someone.

>> Be Smart: Two conclusions: First, during natural two-person collisions, the stationary recipient will fall backwards with their arms out – but not up, and certainly not high enough to direct traffic on an aircraft carrier flight deck.

>> Go Deeper with Patrick Hruby for the Guardian

3. In the Paint

It's women's basketball's turn in the preseason spotlight as the WBCA and released their top 25s.

  1. Amherst
  2. Tufts
  3. Wartburg
  4. St. Thomas
  5. Scranton
  6. Bowdoin
  7. Texas-Dallas
  8. UW-Oshkosh
  9. Hope
  10. Messiah
11-15: Mary Hardin-Baylor, DePauw, Transylvania, George Fox, DeSales
16-20: Washington-St. Louis, Marymount, RIT, Oglethorpe, St. John Fisher
21-25: Whitman, Cabrini, New Paltz, (tie) Chicago, Geneseo
  1. Amherst
  2. Tufts
  3. Scranton
  4. Wartburg
  5. Bowdoin
  6. Hope
  7. Mary Hardin-Baylor
  8. George Fox
  9. St. Thomas
  10. DePauw
11-15: Trine, Texas-Dallas, DeSales, Wheaton IL, Christopher Newport
16-20: Transylvania, UW-Oshkosh, Chicago, UW-La Crosse, Messiah
21-25: Whitman, Ithaca, Augsburg, Washington-St. Louis, Emmanuel


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4.  Your Streaming Schedule

These are games worth tuning in for on your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device or Conference streaming portal via Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. All times EDT 
  • Soccer (W): Carnegie Mellon at Washington-St. Louis, 6:30 (watch)
  • Volleyball: #9 Berry at #2 Emory, 7:00 (watch)
  • Ice Hockey (W): #2 Hamline at #3 Adrian, 7:00 (watch)
  • Ice Hockey (M): #4 St. Norbert at #1 UW-Stevens Point, 8:00 (watch)
  • Field Hockey: #6 Franklin & Marshall at #8 Johns Hopkins, 12:00 (watch)
  • Football: #25 Union at #8 Ithaca, 1:00 (watch)
  • Soccer (W): #2 William Smith at St. Lawrence, 2:00 (watch)
  • Soccer (M): #8 Rensselaer at Ithaca, 2:00 (watch)
  • Ice Hockey (M): #9 U. of New England at #2 Norwich, 7:00 (watch)
  • Ice Hockey (M): #1 UW-Stevens Point at #4 St. Norbert, 8:00 (watch)

    5. Weekend Preview

    Football -
    1. Mount Union (7-0, vs. Ohio Northern)
    2. Mary Hardin-Baylor (7-0, at Louisiana College)
    3. UW-Whitewater (7-0, vs. UW-La Crosse)
    4. Saint John's (7-0, vs. Concordia-Moorhead)
    5. Wheaton, Ill. (7-0, at Carroll)
    6. Muhlenberg (7-0, vs. Johns Hopkins)
    7. North Central (6-1, at Elmhurst)
    8. Ithaca (7-0, vs. #25 Union)
    9. Bethel (6-1, vs. Hamline)
    10. Salisbury (6-0, vs. Christopher Newport)

    Soccer (M) - United Soccer Coaches
    1. Amherst (13-0-2, vs. Wesleyan)
    2. Calvin (18-1, idle)
    3. Johns Hopkins (13-2-1, vs. Dickinson)
    4. Franklin & Marshall (14-2, vs. McDaniel)
    5. Tufts (11-2-2, vs. Hamilton)
    6. Chicago (8-1-5, vs. Case Western; vs. Carnegie Mellon)
    7. John Carroll (14-2-2, at Wilmington)
    8. Rensselaer (14-1-2, at Ithaca)
    9. Luther (13-4-1, idle)
    10. Oneonta (15-2, idle)

    Soccer (W) - United Soccer Coaches
    1. Messiah (16-1-1, idle)
    2. William Smith (13-1-1, at St. Lawrence)
    3. Washington-St. Louis (13-1-1, vs. Carnegie Mellon; vs. Case Western)
    4. College of New Jersey (14-1-1, idle)
    5. Johns Hopkins (11-2-4, vs. Franklin & Marshall)
    6. MIT (16-1-2, at Emerson)
    7. Wheaton, Ill. (15-1-1, vs. North Park)
    8. Christopher Newport (15-1-3, idle)
    9. Pomona-Pitzer (14-1-1, at CalTech)
    10. Middlebury (11-1-3, vs. Wesleyan)

    Field Hockey - NFHCA
    1. College of New Jersey (15-0, at Stockton)
    2. Middlebury (14-1, vs. Trinity)
    3. Salisbury (16-1, idle)
    4. Bowdoin (14-1, vs. Hamilton)
    5. Tufts (12-3, vs. #18 Colby)
    6. Franklin & Marshall (15-1, at #8 Johns Hopkins)
    7. Williams (12-3, vs. #17 Bates)
    8. Johns Hopkins (14-2, vs. #6 Franklin & Marshall)
    9. Kean (17-2, idle)
    10. Rowan (13-3, at FDU-Florham)

    Volleyball - AVCA
    1. Chicago (24-1, at UW-Eau Claire)
    2. Emory (23-2, vs. #9 Berry, vs. Wittenberg, vs. Washington and Lee)
    3. Carthage (24-3, vs. Aurora)
    4. Calvin (21-2, at Alma)
    5. Claremont-M-S (23-3, at La Verne)
    6. Trinity, Texas (29-4, vs. Hardin-Simmons, vs. East Texas Baptist)
    7. Johns Hopkins (26-0, vs. Franklin & Marshall)
    8. Colorado College (28-3, vs. Johnson & Wales Denver)
    9. Berry (21-4, vs. Washington and Lee; at #2 Emory; vs. Randolph-Macon)
    10. Ohio Northern (22-5, vs. Mount Union)

    Ice Hockey (W) - USCHO
    1. Plattsburgh (A/A vs. Buffalo State)
    2. Hamline (at #3 Adrian)
    3. Adrian (vs. #2 Hamline; H/H vs. Saint Mary's)
    4. Elmira
    5. St. Thomas (at St. Scholastica)
    6. Williams
    7. UW-Eau Claire (A/A vs. St. Norbert)
    8. UW-River Falls (H/H vs. Lake Forest)
    9. Norwich
    10. Middlebury

    Ice Hockey (M) - USCHO
    1. UW-Stevens Point (H/A vs. #4 St. Norbert)
    2. Norwich (vs. #9 U. of New England)
    3. Geneseo (at Potsdam; at Plattsburgh)
    4. St. Norbert (A/H vs. #1 UW-Stevens Point)
    5. Hobart (A/H vs. Elmira)
    6. Oswego (vs. Cortland)
    7. Adrian (vs. Nichols; vs. Manhattanville/Buffalo State)
    8. Augsburg (H/A vs. St. Scholastica)
    9. U. of New England (at #2 Norwich)
    10. Trinity (idle)
    H/H - home/home; H/A - home/away; A/H - away/home; A/A - away/away

    6.  Congrats!

    7.  Comings and Goings

    8.  1 Dog Thing

    Have a great weekend! And remember to move your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night.

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    Thursday, October 31, 2019

    College Sports and Mental Health

    OCTOBER 31, 2019 | written by Steve Ulrich
    your must-read briefing on what's driving the day in NCAA Division III

    Our goal is to keep you - the influencers in DIII athletics - apprised of what's happening around Division III - the games, polls, news, happenings, awards, calendar of events, and much more. We hope you enjoy d3Playbook and that you'll share this with your friends, colleagues and co-workers.


    >> Happy Halloween!  Congratulations to the Washington Nationals on bringing the Major League Baseball championship to D.C. for the first time since 1924. And a tip of the cap to Mark Scialabba (Williams '02), the director of player development for the Nats.

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    1. College Sports and Mental Health

    Tyler Hilinski had a standout sophomore season at Washington State in 2017, but just a few weeks after the season ended he took his own life.

    "Sports is often seen as a laboratory for the bigger world, a microcosm within which we can learn about the human condition, and where we can test theories before applying them more generally. It also boasts passionate and highly engaged fan bases, and can be a powerful medium for focusing attention on a particular topic. As college sports turns its attention to mental health, it could drive innovation that might have a wider impact on non-athletes and non-students as well."

    After losing their son, Tyler, to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head, Kym and Mark Hilinski focused on tackling depression, a common symptom in many neurodegenerative diseases, though also a wider problem. They launched the Hilinski’s Hope Foundation last year to “promote awareness and education of mental health and wellness for student athletes.”
    The foundation already counts 16 universities, including Washington State and South Carolina, and two of college football’s Power Five conferences, the ACC and SEC, among its sponsors and partners. It works with Behind Happy Faces, an online mental health curriculum, and Step UP!, a program developed by the NCAA and the University of Arizona that educates students about ways to help others. Behind Happy Faces currently serves more than 70,000 high school and college students, and the NCAA is planning a study of the program at six universities. 
    Earlier this year, Hilinski’s Hope also partnered with the NCAA Sports Science Institute to support the development of “evidence-based approaches” for health screening of student athletes. The Institute published its first official guidelines on mental health in 2016, promoting student-athlete screening, counseling and programs that support overall mental wellbeing.

    >> Why It Matters: In 2017, the National Institute of Mental Health reported that 17.3 million U.S. adults suffered at least one major depressive episode, a prevalence of 7.3%. That same year, suicide was the tenth biggest cause of death in the U.S., accounting for 47,173 lives lost.

    >> Reality Check: Research from professor Daniel Eisenberg from the U. of Michigan School of Public Health has shown that 40% of both students and student-athletes experience symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions. Of that group, a further 40% typically seek help, indicating that 24% of the student body may suffer from an unaddressed mental health concern.

    >> Keep Reading from Jen Booton, SportsTechie

    2. The Inner Circle

    We wrap up our look at winter pre-season polls with the National Wrestling Coaches Association.

    1. Loras
    2. Wabash
    3. Wartburg
    4. Augsburg
    5. Mount Union (T-5)
    6. UW-Whitewater (T-5)
    7. UW-La Crosse
    8. Stevens (T-8)
    9. Baldwin Wallace (T-8)
    10. Coe (T-8)
    11. Coast Guard
    12. TCNJ (T12)
    13. RIT (T-12)
    14. Alma (T-14)
    15. Ithaca (T-14)
    Top-Ranked Individuals

    125: Mike Tortorice, UW-Whitewater
    133: Charlie Nash, Baldwin Wallace
    141: Jordin James, Mount Union
    149: Brett Kaliner, Stevens
    157: Antwon Pugh, Mount Union
    165: Ryan Epps, Augsburg
    174: Darden Schurg, Wabash
    184: John Boyle, Western New England
    197: Riley Kauzlaric, UW-Whitewater
    285: Adarios Jones, Augustana


    3.  Run to Glory

    Fall championship season hits high gear this weekend as most conferences hold their annual Cross Country championship meets. Forty-one conferences will determine champions this weekend, beginning with the Skyline Conference that runs today at the Hudson Valley Sports Dome in Milton, N.Y.

    Congrats to the CCNY men and the Hunter women for capturing the CUNYAC championship last Sunday. The Dean men and Elms women won the NECC title last weekend.

    Men's Meets to Watch
    • Centennial, Gettysburg, PA (#5 Johns Hopkins, #23 Haverford, #31 Dickinson)
    • NESCAC, Williamstown, MA (#2 Williams, #18 Colby, #24 Bates)
    • Liberty, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY (#15 RPI, #26 St. Lawrence, #27 Ithaca)
    • MIAC, Northfield, MN (#19 St. Olaf, #29 St. Thomas, #30 Carleton)
    • SCIAC, Claremont, CA (#3 Pomona-Pitzer, #8 Claremont-M-S)
    • UAA, Pittsburgh, PA (#4 Carnegie Mellon, #7 Chicago, #9 Washington-St. Louis)
    • WIAC, Platteville, WI (#16 La Crosse, #21 Stevens Point, #34 Stout)
    Women's Meets to Watch
    • Centennial, Gettysburg, PA (#1 Johns Hopkins, #5 Dickinson)
    • Liberty, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY (#15 RPI, #21 Vassar, #27 RIT)
    • MIAC, Northfield, MN (#9 Carleton, #14 St. Thomas, #32 Gustavus Adolphus)
    • NESCAC, Williamstown, MA (#4 Williams, #6 Tufts, #16 Bates)
    • UAA, Pittsburgh, PA (#2 Washington-St. Louis, #7 Chicago, #24 Rochester)


    Searching for talent for your athletic department? Need assistance with a departmental review or a strategic plan? Time to refresh your conference's policies and procedures? ASC is dedicated to small colleges and is committed to providing solutions for your concerns.

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    4.   Topping the Charts

    The second regional rankings of the 2019 fall season were released on Wednesday. Here is who tops each region in each sport.

    Field Hockey
    Great Lakes: Centre (15-0)
    New England East: Endicott (14-4)
    New England West: Middlebury (13-1)
    North Atlantic: Geneseo (15-2)
    South Atlantic: TCNJ (15-0)
    South: Salisbury (15-1)

    Soccer (W)
    Central: Washington-St. Louis (13-1-1)
    East: William Smith (13-1-1)
    Great Lakes: Carnegie Mellon (10-3-1)
    Mid-Atlantic: Messiah (15-1-1)
    New England: MIT (15-1-2)
    North: St. Thomas (12-2-2)
    South Atlantic: TCNJ (13-1-1)
    West: Pomona-Pitzer (13-1-1)

    Soccer (M)
    Central: Calvin (16-1)
    East: Rensselaer (13-1-2)
    Great Lakes: John Carroll (13-2-2)
    Mid-Atlantic: Johns Hopkins (12-2-1)
    New England: Amherst (12-0-2)
    North: Central (13-2-2)
    South Atlantic: Washington and Lee (11-2-3)
    West: Claremont-M-S (10-3-2)

    Volleyball (W)
    Central: St. Olaf (23-4)
    Great Lakes: Calvin (20-2)
    Mid Atlantic: Johns Hopkins (25-0)
    Midwest: Chicago (24-1)
    New England: Tufts (21-1)
    New York: Stockton (26-2)
    South: Emory (23-2)
    West: Trinity TX (29-4)

    5. Comings and Goings

    6.  1 Halloween Thing

    "The social contract of Halloween is simple: Provide adequate treats to costumed masses, or be prepared for late-night tricks from those dissatisfied with your offer. To help you avoid that type of vengeance, and to help you make good decisions at the supermarket today, we wanted to figure out what Halloween candy people most prefer. So we devised an experiment: Pit dozens of fun-sized candy varietals against one another, and let the wisdom of the crowd decide which one was best.
    While we don’t know who exactly voted, we do know this: 8,371 different IP addresses voted on about 269,000 randomly generated matchups. So, not a scientific survey or anything, but a good sample of what candy people like. And here’s what they said:"

    >> The Bottom Line: "So, in the end, the best Frankencandy has the chocolate of a Hershey bar, the nougat of a Baby Ruth, the caramel of a Milky Way, the peanut butter of a Reese’s Cup and the wafer of a Twix, and it’s assembled in a castle looming over an Eastern European village. Or if you’re trying to make this at home: Maybe take a Twix bar and smush it on a PayDay, or roll a Snickers around in rice crispies."

    >> Keep Reading from FiveThirtyEight

    >> The Final Word: I was promised there would be no math in this newsletter.

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    Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    Board of Governors Starts NIL Process

    OCTOBER 30, 2019 | written by Steve Ulrich
    your must-read briefing on what's driving the day in NCAA Division III

    Our goal is to keep you - the influencers in DIII athletics - apprised of what's happening around Division III - the games, polls, news, happenings, awards, calendar of events, and much more. We hope you enjoy D3Playbook and that you'll share this with your friends, colleagues and co-workers.

    >> They might be the two best words in the sporting language ... Game Seven  - Who ya got? Nats or Astros? DYK that the road team has won all six games in the series? Scherzer vs. Greinke ... enjoy!

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    1.  Board of Governors Starts NIL Process

    In the Association’s continuing efforts to support college athletes, the NCAA’s top governing board voted unanimously to permit students participating in athletics the opportunity to benefit from the use of their name, image and likeness in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.
    The Board of Governors’ action directs each of the NCAA’s three divisions to immediately consider updates to relevant bylaws and policies for the 21st century, said Michael V. Drake, chair of the board and president of The Ohio State University.
    “We must embrace change to provide the best possible experience for college athletes,” Drake said. “Additional flexibility in this area can and must continue to support college sports as a part of higher education. This modernization for the future is a natural extension of the numerous steps NCAA members have taken in recent years to improve support for student-athletes, including full cost of attendance and guaranteed scholarships.”
    Specifically, the board said modernization should occur within the following principles and guidelines:  
    • Assure student-athletes are treated similarly to non-athlete students unless a compelling reason exists to differentiate. 
    • Maintain the priorities of education and the collegiate experience to provide opportunities for student-athlete success. 
    • Ensure rules are transparent, focused and enforceable and facilitate fair and balanced competition. 
    • Make clear the distinction between collegiate and professional opportunities. 
    • Make clear that compensation for athletics performance or participation is impermissible. 
    • Reaffirm that student-athletes are students first and not employees of the university. 
    • Enhance principles of diversity, inclusion and gender equity. 
    • Protect the recruiting environment and prohibit inducements to select, remain at, or transfer to a specific institution.

    >> What They're Saying: "There's no question that the legislative efforts in Congress and in states has been a catalyst to change. It's clear that the schools and the presidents are listening and have heard loud and clear that everybody agrees that this is an area that needs to be addressed." — NCAA president Mark Emmert

    >> Rebuttal: "The NCAA's latest move is all wind and stall. It's nothing more than an attempt to slow the landslide," writes the Washington Post's Sally Jenkins.

    >> Gamer's Delight: The return of the "NCAA Football" video game seems like the surest thing at the moment. As for how the rest of this will work, yesterday's news doesn't change anything. Not yet.
    >> Read entire news release from the NCAA

    >> Go Deeper with

    2. One Shining Swat Moment

    Yesterday, it was hockey. Today, it is men's basketball's turn to turn the spotlight on its preseason rankings. And the 2019 national finalists are in the top two slots for 2020.
    1. Swarthmore (16)
    2. UW-Oshkosh (8)
    3. North Central (1)
    4. Amherst
    5. Wittenberg
    6. Emory
    7. Washington-St. Louis
    8. Nebraska Wesleyan
    9. Christopher Newport
    10. Nichols
    11-15: Texas-Dallas, Saint John's, Middlebury, Wabash, St. Thomas.

    16-20: WPI, Augustana, Marietta, Guilford, Whitman.

    21-25: Wooster, Baldwin Wallace, Augsburg, Randolph-Macon, St. John Fisher.

    >> Conference Call: MIAC (3), NCAC (3), CCIW (2), NESCAC (2), OAC (2), ODAC (2), UAA (2), American Rivers (1), ASC (1), CAC (1), Centennial (1), CCC (1), Empire 8 (1), NEWMAC (1), NWC (1), WIAC (1).

    3.  The Best XC Meet Names

    According to Lincoln Shryack, these are the top names of collegiate cross country meets of 2019. Naturally, we've included only the DIII meets.

    10. Rowan Inter-Regional Border Battle (Logan Twp., NJ)
    Is this meet trying to give me directions?

    9. Principia Cowbell Invite (Elsah, IL)
    Needs more cowbell.

    8. Cross Country Only Conference (Geneva, NY)
    No track allowed.

    7. Oberlin College Inter-Region Rumble (Oberlin, OH)
    More inter-regional squabbling

    6. Runnin' Monks Invitational (Standish, ME)
    This sounds like a cover band of some sort.

    5. Beloit College Olde English Invitational (Beloit, WI)
    Geoffrey Chaucer loved XC.

    4. Running of the Cows (Northfield, MN)
    For those not quite ready for the Running of the Bulls, consider cows.

    3. Beaver Dam Invite (Bluffton, OH)
    Did anyone ask the beavers if they were cool with a race taking place on their house?

    2. Berry Watermelon Run (Rome, GA)
    Brought to you by Starburst

    1. Tornado Watch Invitational (Leander, TX)
    This race gets cancelled every year.

    >> See the entire list


    Searching for talent for your athletic department? Need assistance with a departmental review or a strategic plan? Time to refresh your conference's policies and procedures? ASC is dedicated to small colleges and is committed to providing solutions for your concerns.

    Contact Kurt Patberg (, Kim Fierke ( or Steve Ulrich ( to see how ASC can help your organization.

    4. Polls

    Soccer (M) - United Soccer Coaches
    1. Amherst (12-0-2)
    2. Calvin (17-1)
    3. Johns Hopkins (12-2-1)
    4. Franklin & Marshall (13-2)
    5. Tufts (10-2-2)
    6. Chicago (8-1-5)
    7. John Carroll (13-2-2)
    8. Rensselaer (13-1-2)
    9. Luther (13-3-1)
    10. Oneonta (15-2)
    11-15: Messiah, Kenyon, W&L, Connecticut College, North Park
    16-20: Claremont-M-S, Central, Roanoke, Mary Washington, PSU Behrend
    21-25: Catholic, Christopher Newport, Hardin-Simmons, Loras, Colorado College

    >> Hello: Mary Washington, Colorado College
    >> Goodbye: Ithaca, Pacific Lutheran

    Soccer (M) -

    1. Amherst (12-0-2)
    2. Calvin (17-1)
    3. Tufts (10-2-2)
    4. Johns Hopkins (12-2-1)
    5. Kenyon (13-1-2)
    6. Messiah (13-2-2)
    7. Oneonta (15-2)
    8. Chicago (8-1-5)
    9. Franklin & Marshall (13-2)
    10. John Carroll (13-2-2)
    11-15: W&L, RPI, Christopher Newport, Mary Washington, Roanoke
    16-20: Connecticut College, Hardin-Simmons, PSU Behrend, Oglethorpe, Ohio Wesleyan
    21-25: Catholic, Ithaca, Eastern Connecticut, Middlebury, Luther

    >> In: Eastern Connecticut, Luther
    >> Out: St. Joseph's, Maine, Buffalo State

    Soccer (W) - United Soccer Coaches
    1. Messiah (15-1-1)
    2. William Smith (13-1-1)
    3. Washington-St. Louis (13-1-1)
    4. College of New Jersey (13-1-1)
    5. Johns Hopkins (11-1-4)
    6. MIT (15-1-2)
    7. Wheaton, Ill. (14-1-1)
    8. Christopher Newport (15-1-2)
    9. Pomona-Pitzer (13-1-1)
    10. Middlebury (11-1-2)
    11-15: Centre, Chicago, Tufts, Geneseo, Arcadia
    16-20: Dickinson, Otterbein, Stevens, St. Thomas, Ohio Northern
    21-25: Amherst, RIT, Carnegie Mellon, Hardin-Simmons, Trinity TX

    >> Hello: Amherst, Hardin-Simmons
    >> Bye-Bye: Wesleyan, Williams

    Soccer (W) -

    1. Messiah (15-1-1)
    2. Washington-St. Louis (13-1-1)
    3. William Smith (13-1-1)
    4. College of New Jersey (13-1-1)
    5. Wheaton, Ill. (14-1-1)
    6. Centre (18-0)
    7. Johns Hopkins (11-1-4)
    8. Christopher Newport (15-1-2)
    9. Middlebury (11-1-2)
    10. MIT (15-1-2)
    11-15: Chicago, Pomona-Pitzer, Dickinson, Tufts, Randolph-Macon
    16-20: Amherst, W&L, Stevens, Arcadia, Emory
    21-25: Trinity TX, Otterbein, Hardin-Simmons, Pacific Lutheran, Williams

    >> In: Pacific Lutheran
    >> Out: Swarthmore

    Field Hockey - NFHCA

    1. College of New Jersey (15-0)
    2. Middlebury (13-1)
    3. Salisbury (15-1)
    4. Bowdoin (13-1)
    5. Tufts (12-2)
    6. Franklin & Marshall (15-1)
    7. Williams (12-2)
    8. Johns Hopkins (13-2)
    9. Kean (17-2)
    10. Rowan (12-3)
    11-15: Messiah, Ursinus, CNU, Centre, Vassar
    16-20: Babson, Bates, Colby, Lynchburg, Amherst

    Volleyball - AVCA
    1. Chicago (24-1)
    2. Emory (23-2)
    3. Carthage (23-3)
    4. Calvin (20-2)
    5. Claremont-M-S (22-3)
    6. Trinity, Texas (29-4)
    7. Johns Hopkins (25-0)
    8. Colorado College (28-3)
    9. Berry (21-4)
    10. Ohio Northern (22-4)
    11-15: St. Benedict, Augsburg, Hope, Tufts, Muskingum.
    16-20: UW-Whitewater, Babson, Susquehanna, Carnegie Mellon, Wesleyan CT
    21-25: Juniata, St. Thomas MN, Johnson & Wales RI, Transylvania, Washington-St. Louis

    5.  Tweet of the Day

    6.  Comings and Goings

    7.  1 Internet Thing

    Fifty years ago yesterday, the Internet was born. Watch how the TODAY show, Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric struggle to describe it 25 years ago.

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