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Private College Closure Conversations

NOVEMBER 19, 2019 | written by Steve Ulrich
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1.  Private College Closure Conversations

InsideHigherEd.com reports that a college advising company planned to release a list projecting when specific private colleges could run out of money and close, but pushback from the sector convinced the company to scuttle its plan.
  • The list featured 946 private colleges and how many years each would have.
  • Edmit, the start-up advising company, used grad students and two economists from Brandeis for its source data, methodology and projections. It decided to table the release of its financial modeling tool.

>> Situational Awareness: “The publication of such a statement would be grossly irresponsible and would cause great harm to the college, and demand is hereby made that you refrain from such publication,” the lawyer for a private nonprofit college wrote.

>> Between The Lines: The model analyzed “what the school’s finances are like if they stay on their current path,” said Stephen Cecchetti, one of the two Brandeis economists who helped oversee the project. Put simply, it’s an estimate of financial resources divided by the college’s “burn rate,” he said. Edmit based the model on four primary variables: investment return on endowment funds, tuition prices, tuition discounting and faculty and staff member salaries.

  • Inside Higher Ed had planned to write about the projections. Its goal was to foster an open discussion about what has become the elephant in the room for higher education: Which financially stressed colleges are likely to shut down, and what can be done to protect students and taxpayers from abrupt closures?

>> What They're Saying: “Colleges would be doing this kind of analysis primarily to support their own goals: to inform them about their competition, to put themselves in the context of what else is happening in their region or in the sector,” said Sabrina Manville, one of Edmit's co-founders. “We wanted to create something that was more transparently available to families and also simple enough to understand for a broader audience so that it can actually inform people’s decision making and understanding of what’s happening.”

>> Worth Noting: One college president said recent college closures had caught the attention of his peers. “Right now, everyone’s gotten the cold water and realizes they have to do something,” he said. “The question is what to do.” The president said trustees need to provide reality checks for colleges that are facing financial challenges, in part by asking if the institution realistically can fulfill its mission.
>> Be Smart: The stakes are high for students. An abrupt college closure can thrust them into chaotic situations. Even students at colleges that close in an orderly fashion can suffer negative effects. Their credits might not transfer fully, or they might have to travel farther from home to get to class. Some never re-enroll after their college closes.

>> If You Read One Thing Today

2.  Postseason Football

There are 21 other teams participating in Conference-sponsored football bowl games on Saturday.

Centennial-MAC Bowl Series
Wilkes (8-2) at Susquehanna (9-1)
Johns Hopkins (7-3) at Stevenson (8-2)
Franklin & Marshall (6-4) at Misericordia (6-4)

New England Bowl Series (CCC, ECFC, MASCAC, NEWMAC)
Western Connecticut State (8-2) at WPI (9-1)
Dean (4-5) at Endicott (8-2)

New York State Bowl (Empire 8 vs. Liberty League)
Hobart (8-2) at Cortland (8-2)

Clayton Chapman Bowl: Westminster PA (7-3) at Morrisville State (6-4)
Asa S. Bushnell Bowl: Washington & Jefferson (7-3) at Ithaca (8-2)
Scotty Whitelaw Bowl: Brevard (7-2) at Carnegie Mellon (8-2)
James Lynah Bowl: Rensselaer (6-4) at Grove City (8-2)

Neptune Bowl
Randolph-Macon (8-2) at Apprentice

3.  45,161

The annual Cortaca Jug game between Cortland and Ithaca sold 45,161 tickets to Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ - the largest crowd ever to see a Division III football game.

The Bombers defeated the Red Dragons, 32-20.

>> Pictures courtesy of the Ithaca Journal
>> More photos from the Ithacan


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    4. Polls

    Football - D3Football.com
    1. Mount Union (10-0)
    2. Mary Hardin-Baylor (10-0)
    3. Wheaton, Ill. (10-0)
    4. Muhlenberg (10-0)
    5. North Central, Ill. (9-1)
    6. Salisbury (9-0)
    7. UW-Whitewater (9-1)
    8. Saint John's (9-1)
    9. Delaware Valley (9-1)
    10. Wesley (9-1)
    11-15: John Carroll, Chapman, Union, St. Thomas, Susquehanna.
    16-20: Hardin-Simmons, Redlands, UW-Oshkosh, Bethel, Linfield.
    21-25: Bridgewater, Wartburg, Berry, Central, UW-La Crosse.

    >> Hello: UW-Oshkosh, UW-La Crosse.
    >> See-Ya: Case Western, Brockport.
    >> Also Perfect: Union (10-0), Bridgewater (10-0), Chapman (9-0), Middlebury (9-0)

    Ice Hockey (M) - USCHO
    1. Norwich (5-0)
    2. Geneseo (5-0-1)
    3. UW-Stevens Point (4-2)
    4. Hobart (4-1-1)
    5. UW-Eau Claire (4-0-1)
    6. Oswego (4-1)
    7. Augsburg (5-1)
    8. Trinity (2-0)
    9. Adrian (4-1-1)
    10. Utica (3-0-1)
    11-15: U. of New England, Salve Regina, Milwaukee School of Engineering (tie), St. Thomas (tie), St. Norbert.

    Ice Hockey (W) - USCHO

    1. Plattsburgh (7-0)
    2. Adrian (5-0)
    3. Elmira (3-0)
    4. UW-River Falls (5-0)
    5. Norwich (4-1)
    6. Gustavus Adolphus (5-0)
    7. UW-Eau Claire (5-1)
    8. Middlebury (2-0)
    9. Hamline (2-2-1)
    10. St. Thomas (3-1-1)
    >> Welcome: St. Thomas
    >> Good-Bye: Williams

    Golf (M) - Golfweek
    1. Illinois Wesleyan
    2. Emory
    3. Huntingdon
    4. Claremont-M-S
    5. Hampden-Sydney
    6. St. Thomas, MN
    7. Gustavus Adolphus
    8. Carnegie Mellon
    9. Wittenberg
    10. NYU
    11-15: Methodist, Guilford, UW-Eau Claire, Southwestern, Rensselaer.
    16-20: Redlands, Babson, Oglethorpe, Aurora, Christopher Newport.
    21-25: Williams, Denison, Webster, Washington and Lee, Saint John's

    >> Hello: RPI, CNU, Denison, Wooster
    >> Bye-Bye: Concordia TX, Greensboro, Berry, Piedmont

    5.  Comings and Goings 

    6.  1 Fun Thing

    "The Hyper-Organized Christmas Shopper ... Conscientious millennials and bargain-seeking moms are wrapping up their holiday shopping before most people even start," reports the Wall Street Journal's Anne Marie Chaker (subscription).
    • "A shorter-than-usual period between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year is hastening the early push."
    • "Some big retailers are pushing marketing promotions earlier, hoping to coax dollars out of shoppers sooner."
    • "And a penchant among millennials for sharing extreme organizational feats on Instagram ... is spilling into holiday shopping habits too."

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