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Regional Ranking Day

OCTOBER 23, 2019 | written by Steve Ulrich
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>> It's Wednesday and the release of the first regional rankings is just hours away. Getting ever so close to playoff time.

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1.  Regional Ranking Day

The first NCAA Division III regional rankings will be released in field hockey, soccer and volleyball later today. Here is your refresher course in what exactly that means.

>> The Big Picture: In-region competition is defined as competition within an institution's defined region; within a 500-mile radius from one institution to another; within an institution's NCAA geographical region; and all conference games.

>> Primary Criteria: W-L percentage vs. DIII opponents; strength of schedule; head-to-head competition; results vs. common opponents; results vs. ranked DIII teams; W-L percentage during last 25% of season.

>> Secondary Criteria: results vs. non-DIII opponents; non-DIII W-L percentage; results vs. common non-DIII opponents; non-conference strength of schedule.

>> The Key Stat: The committee ranks the top 15% of eligible teams in each region (or a minimum of four, whichever is greater).

>> Be Smart: After conferences determine their champion (automatic qualifiers or AQ) and the independents are selected, remaining teams are considered according to their regional ranking. Example: In Region X, team A is considered before teams B and C. Until A is selected as an at-large, B is not under discussion. B has to be selected before C is under consideration.

Field Hockey - 24 teams selected to NCAA field
17 conference champions; 2 independents; 5 at-large

Football - 32 teams selected to NCAA field (rankings begin next week)
27 conference champions; 0 independents; 5 at-large

Soccer (W) - 64 teams selected to NCAA field
43 conference champions; 1 independent; 20 at-large

Soccer (M) - 64 teams selected to NCAA field
42 conference champions; 1 independent; 21 at-large

Volleyball (W) - 64 teams selected to NCAA field
43 conference champions; 1 independent; 20 at-large

2. Institute for Administrative Advancement

The Division III Institute for Administrative Advancement is a partnership between the NCAA and the Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA). It seeks to provide professional development and networking opportunities for administrators from under-represented populations in Division III athletics.
The Institute’s primary purpose is to provide the selected participants with a unique experience to learn more about themselves as administrators, gain additional skills and tools to grow within their current roles and leave better prepared to advance into more senior administrative roles within Division III, if desired.  Most importantly, participation in the Institute will encourage mentorship to the next generation of administrators and coaches of color who will consider Division III as their professional destination.
Each Spring, 30 mid-level administrators of color working within Division III are identified and invited to participate in the three days of professional development. The Institute is held annually in conjunction with the NCAA’s Regional Rules Seminars. Individuals of color interested in attending should contact Louise McCleary, Director of Division III,, by February 15 annually.

3.  Bluegrass Land Dispute

As Spalding University gears up for the grand opening of its new athletic complex, Simmons College claimed it is a "symbol of white privilege" at the first installment of a new monthly event called "Truthful Tuesdays." 
Krystal Goodner, spokeswoman for Simmons College of Kentucky, the commonwealth's only private historically black college or university, said Tuesday that the school had tried to acquire the same land earlier this decade.
"This is gentrification," Goodner said. "It’s an opportunity for (Spalding) to go further past Ninth Street, instead of institutions that have already been there and to serve that community to utilize that land.”

>> Why It Matters: In September, Spalding finished constructing its state-of-the-art, 7.3-acre athletic complex at the site. It includes two turf soccer fields and a turf softball field. The grand opening of the fields is Wednesday, with a men’s and women’s soccer doubleheader against Greenville University, and a “First Kick” ceremony in between the games.

>> What They're Saying: "Spalding has been committed to its neighborhood for 100 years, and we continue to do our part to improve it," president Tori Murden McClure said. "The property where the fields are built was acquired more than five years ago on an unused former industrial site, and we are proud of how the transformation that’s taken place there will help the community."

>> Worth Noting: Simmons president Rev. Kevin Cosby said he holds no animosity toward Spalding and sees it as a sister college with the chance for the two to become real allies through shared conversations about making Louisville more accessible for everyone.

>> Continue Reading from the Louisville Courier-Journal


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4. Polls

Soccer (M) - United Soccer Coaches
  1. Amherst (11-0-2)
  2. Calvin (15-1)
  3. Chicago (8-1-4)
  4. Rensselaer (13-1-1)
  5. Johns Hopkins (10-2-1)
  6. Franklin & Marshall (12-2)
  7. Tufts (9-2-2)
  8. John Carroll (11-2-2)
  9. Luther (11-3-1)
  10. Oneonta (13-2)
11. Hardin-Simmons, 12. Washington and Lee, 13. Messiah, 14. Kenyon, 15. Connecticut College, 16. Claremont-M-S, 17. Roanoke, T18. North Park, T18. Central, 20. PSU Behrend, 21. Catholic, 22. Ithaca, 23. Christopher Newport, 24. Loras, 25. Pacific Lutheran.

>> Hello: Loras, Pacific Lutheran
>> Goodbye: Ohio Northern, Rowan

Soccer (M) -

  1. Amherst (11-0-2)
  2. Calvin (15-1)
  3. Tufts (9-2-2)
  4. Chicago (8-1-4)
  5. Johns Hopkins (10-2-1)
  6. Kenyon (11-1-2)
  7. Messiah (11-2-2)
  8. Oneonta (13-2)
  9. Franklin & Marshall (12-2)
  10. John Carroll (11-2-2)
11. Rensselaer, 12. Washington and Lee, 13. Mary Washington, 14. Roanoke, 15. Ithaca, 16. Ohio Wesleyan, 17. Hardin-Simmons, 18. Christopher Newport, 19. Connecticut College, 20. PSU Behrend, 21. Middlebury, 22. Oglethorpe, 23. Catholic, 24. St. Joseph's, Maine, 25. Buffalo State.

>> In: PSU Behrend, Oglethorpe, St. Joseph's, Buffalo State
>> Out: Rowan, Mount Union, Claremont-M-S, Bates.

Soccer (W) - United Soccer Coaches
  1. Messiah (13-1-1)
  2. William Smith (11-1-1)
  3. Washington-St. Louis (13-1-1)
  4. College of New Jersey (12-1)
  5. Johns Hopkins (10-1-4)
  6. MIT (13-1-2)
  7. Wheaton, Ill. (13-1-1)
  8. Christopher Newport (13-1-2)
  9. Pomona-Pitzer (12-1-1)
  10. Tufts (10-1-2)
11. Centre, 12. Middlebury, 13. Chicago, 14. Geneseo, 15. Arcadia, 16. Dickinson, 17. Otterbein, 18. Stevens, 19. St. Thomas, Minn., 20. Trinity, Texas; 21. Ohio Northern, 22. RIT, 23. Wesleyan, Conn., 24. Carnegie Mellon, 25. Williams.

>> Hello: RIT, Wesleyan
>> Bye-Bye: Rochester, NYU

Soccer (W) -

  1. Messiah (13-1-1)
  2. College of New Jersey (12-1)
  3. Washington-St. Louis (13-1-1)
  4. William Smith (11-1-1)
  5. Wheaton, Ill. (13-1-1)
  6. Centre (17-0)
  7. Johns Hopkins (10-1-4)
  8. Christopher Newport (13-1-2)
  9. Middlebury (10-1-2)
  10. MIT (13-1-2)
11. Chicago, 12. Tufts, 13. Pomona-Pitzer, 14. Dickinson, 15. Randolph-Macon, 16. Amherst, 17. Trinity, Texas, 18. Washington and Lee, 19. Williams, 20. Stevens, 21. Arcadia, 22. Emory, 23. Otterbein, 24. Swarthmore, 25. Hardin-Simmons.

>> In: Hardin-Simmons
>> Out: Rochester

Field Hockey - NFHCA

  1. Middlebury (13-0)
  2. College of New Jersey (13-0)
  3. Salisbury (13-1)
  4. Bowdoin (11-1)
  5. Franklin & Marshall (13-1)
  6. Tufts (11-2)
  7. Williams (11-1)
  8. Rowan (11-2)
  9. Johns Hopkins (12-2)
  10. Kean (16-1)
11. Ursinus, 12. Messiah, 13. Christopher Newport, 14. Vassar, 15. Centre, 16. Bates, 17. Babson, 18. Colby, 19. Lynchburg, 20. Amherst. 

>> Hello: Amherst
>> Good-Bye: Montclair State

Volleyball - AVCA

  1. Chicago (21-1)
  2. Calvin (19-1)
  3. Emory (19-2)
  4. Carthage (22-3)
  5. Claremont-M-S (19-3)
  6. Colorado College (25-2)
  7. UW-Whitewater (20-3)
  8. Johns Hopkins (23-0)
  9. Trinity, Texas (24-4)
  10. Berry (19-4)
11. Ohio Northern, 12. St. Benedict, 13. Augsburg, 14. Tufts, 15. Muskingum, 16. Juniata, 17. Babson, 18. Carnegie Mellon, 19. Wesleyan, Conn., 20. Hope, 21. Johnson & Wales, R.I., 22. St. Thomas, Minn., 23. Transylvania, 24. Susquehanna, 25. Washington-St. Louis.

>> Hello: Washington-St. Louis
>> Goodbye: St. Olaf

Golf (M) GCAA
  1. Illinois Wesleyan
  2. Huntingdon
  3. Emory
  4. Hampden-Sydney
  5. Claremont-M-S
  6. Wittenberg
  7. Methodist
  8. St. Thomas, Minn.
  9. Washington and Lee
  10. Carnegie Mellon
11. Guilford, 12. Southwestern, 13. Oglethorpe, 14. UW-Eau Claire, 15. Redlands, 16. Gustavus Adolphus, 17. Concordia, Texas; 18. NYU, 19. Saint John's, 20. Babson, 21. Greensboro, 22. Williams, 23. Berry, 24. Aurora, 25. Piedmont.

>> Hello: UW-Eau Claire, NYU, Babson, Williams, Aurora, Piedmont
>> Bye-Bye: Hope, LaVerne, NC Wesleyan, Sewanee, Trinity, Conn., Willamette

5.  Tweet of the Day

6.  Comings and Goings

7.  1 Donut Thing

There are few treats as quintessentially indulgent as donuts. Fried rounds of dough coated in sugar or glazed to perfection, a donuts can satisfy any craving for something sweet.
But not all donuts are created equal. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taste testing every donut in a 25 mile radius to pick your favorite (something I have definitely done, more than once), sometimes you need to narrow it down.
Luckily, Yelp has you covered with a list of the best donut in every state as well as Washington D.C.
>> What They're Saying: “Whether it’s a classic or glazed, a cronut or a donut hole, donuts are a delicious anytime treat and Yelpers love the variety they can come in. So while some cities are basking in the glory of donut burgers, there are some cities like Albuquerque that are just now reveling in the arrival of the boutique donut." - Tara Lewis, Yelp 

>> Reality Check: Are any of these near DIII campuses? Fortunately for you, I checked.

District of Columbia (Washington/Gallaudet): DC-Donuts
Kentucky (Louisville/Spalding): Nord's Bakery
Missouri (St. Louis/Fontbonne): Pharoah's Donuts
North Carolina (Fayetteville/Methodist): Superior Bakery
Ohio (Bexley/Capital): Cherbourg Bakery
Oregon (Portland/Lewis & Clark): Pip's Original Doughnuts & Chai
Pennsylvania (Lancaster/F&M, Lancaster Bible): Beiler's Bakery
Rhode Island (Providence/Johnson & Wales): Knead Doughnuts
Virginia (Virginia Beach/Virginia Wesleyan): Duck Donuts

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