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Management Council Weighs In

OCTOBER 25, 2019 | written by Steve Ulrich
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1. Management Council Weighs In

The Division III Management Council formally has voiced its support for a proposal that would loosen restrictions on the snacks that Division III schools can provide its student-athletes.
At a meeting this week in Indianapolis, the Management Council recommended the Division III Presidents Council endorse the proposal, which has been sponsored by more than 20 member schools. The proposal would permit the provision of snacks and permissible nutritional supplements and, sponsors say, is designed to offer schools the flexibility to meet student-athletes’ nutritional needs and to alleviate administrative burdens associated with enforcing current prohibitions.

In addition to the snacks proposal, the Management Council took official positions on the rest of the membership-sponsored proposals that will be up for vote at the 2020 Division III business session.

>> What's On Tap: Per a recommendation from the Division III Championships Committee, the Management Council approved a waiver, which the Presidents Council will review next week, to permit alcohol sales at the 2020 Division III Men’s Basketball Championship.

>> Climate Change: This fall, the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference (now in conjunction with a handful of other Division III conferences) submitted a resolution calling for the Division III Softball and Baseball Committees and the Championships Committee to consider shifting the start dates for the championship tournaments in both sports.
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2.  Your Kid Is Dooming Your Retirement

Kids' play is killing their parents financially.
And parents know it. Two-thirds of parents with at least one child in a youth sports program report that the cost of coaching, equipment and travel is eating into what they should be saving for retirement. According to a survey conducted for TD Ameritrade, more than one in four households spend more than $500 a month on extracurricular sports. Another 53% spend between $100 to $500 a month. Per kid.

A new survey sponsored by the Aspen Institute and the Utah State Families in Sports Lab found the average annual per-kid spending was about $700 across 21 sports, with ice hockey ($2,582) and skiing ($2,249) leading the way. Of course, averages can hide some wide ranges. The report notes that in six sports - baseball, gymnastics, ice hockey, skiing/snowboarding, swimming and tennis - some parents fessed up to spending more than $12,000 a year for equipment, lessons, camp and travel. Again, that's per kid.

>> Reality Check: One-third of parents expect (not just hope, but expect) they have the next Simone Biles, Zion Williamson or Naomi Osaka.

>> Plus: Competition and the work ethic of committing to training are valuable life skills that will never age out. And for many kids who choose team sports, the dynamics will play out again in team-building (and survival) at work.

>> The Key Stat: In contrast, the likelihood of an NCAA athlete earning a college degree is significantly greater;  graduation success rates are 86% in Division I, 71% in Division II and 87% in Division III.

>> The Odds: Not very good.

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3.  Your Streaming Schedule

These are games worth tuning in for. All times EDT 
  • Volleyball: #20 Hope vs. #2 Calvin, 6:30 (watch)
  • Field Hockey: #1 Middlebury at #6 Tufts, 11:00 (watch
  • Field Hockey: #7 Williams at #4 Bowdoin, 11:00 (watch)
  • Soccer (W): Middlebury vs. #10 Tufts, 12:00 (watch)
  • Soccer (W): Springfield vs. #6 MIT, 1:00 (watch)
  • Soccer (W): Haverford at #16 Dickinson, 1:00 (watch)
  • Soccer (M): Saint Joseph's, Maine at Johnson & Wales, R.I., 1:00 (watch)
  • Football: #15 Hardin-Simmons at #1 Mary Hardin-Baylor, 2:00 (watch)
  • Soccer (M): North Central at North Park, 8:30 (watch)

    4. Weekend Preview

    Soccer (M) - United Soccer Coaches
    1. Amherst (11-0-2; at Bates)
    2. Calvin (15-1; at Kalamazoo)
    3. Chicago (8-1-4; idle)
    4. Rensselaer (13-1-1; at Clarkson)
    5. Johns Hopkins (10-2-1; at Ursinus)
    6. Franklin & Marshall (12-2; at Washington College)
    7. Tufts (9-2-2; vs. Middlebury)
    8. John Carroll (11-2-2; vs. Marietta)
    9. Luther (11-3-1; at Buena Vista)
    10. Oneonta (13-2; vs. Potsdam; vs. Plattsburgh)
    Soccer (W) - United Soccer Coaches
    1. Messiah (13-1-1; at Albright)
    2. William Smith (11-1-1; at Bard; at Mount St. Mary)
    3. Washington-St. Louis (13-1-1; idle)
    4. College of New Jersey (12-1; at Montclair State)
    5. Johns Hopkins (10-1-4; at Ursinus)
    6. MIT (13-1-2; vs. Springfield)
    7. Wheaton, Ill. (13-1-1; idle)
    8. Christopher Newport (13-1-2; at York)
    9. Pomona-Pitzer (12-1-1; idle)
    10. Tufts (10-1-2; vs. #12 Middlebury)

    Field Hockey - NFHCA
    1. Middlebury (13-0; at #6 Tufts)
    2. College of New Jersey (13-0; vs. #10 Kean)
    3. Salisbury (13-1; vs. Southern Virginia)
    4. Bowdoin (11-1; vs. #7 Williams)
    5. Franklin & Marshall (13-1; vs. Bryn Mawr)
    6. Tufts (11-2; vs. #1 Middlebury)
    7. Williams (11-1; at #4 Bowdoin)
    8. Rowan (11-2; vs. Montclair State)
    9. Johns Hopkins (12-2; at #11 Ursinus)
    10. Kean (16-1; at #2 TCNJ)

    Volleyball - AVCA
    1. Chicago (21-1; at #20 Hope; vs. Alma)
    2. Calvin (19-1; vs. #20 Hope)
    3. Emory (19-2; vs. St. Mary's, Ind.; vs. Roanoke; vs. #7 UW-Whitewater; vs. #24 Susquehanna)
    4. Carthage (22-3; idle)
    5. Claremont-M-S (19-3; vs. Pomona-Pitzer; at Occidental)
    6. Colorado College (25-2; vs. #9 Trinity, Texas; vs. St. Thomas, Texas; Texas Lutheran; at Austin)
    7. UW-Whitewater (20-3; vs. St. Mary's, Ind.; at #3 Emory; vs. #24 Susquehanna)
    8. Johns Hopkins (23-0; at Ursinus)
    9. Trinity, Texas (24-4; vs. #6 Colorado College; vs. Centenary; vs. Dallas; vs. Southwestern)
    10. Berry (19-4; at Sewanee; at Centre)

    5.  Where Does College Football Get Its Fans?

    We love these types of graphic packages ... and think you will too. Thanks to FiveThirtyEight!

    "We know college football’s biggest programs bring in fans from all over the country, but all schools like to argue about which one has the best fan base, or the biggest fan base, or the most loyal fan base. Here, using data from Vivid Seats — a Chicago-based ticket marketplace — is a sampling of where college stadiums get their fans. The map below shows 3,000 counties and county equivalents with tickets purchased between 2012 and 2018 on Vivid Seats, and the top three college football programs by share of tickets sold to those programs’ home games in each area. Select a team to find how widespread its fan base is."

    >> Click here for the interactive map

    6.  1 Baseball vs. Football Thing

    One of the greatest comedy routines of all time. Baseball vs. Football, courtesy of the late George Carlin.

    "Who's Up? He's Up!


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