Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Cupcake Business

SEPTEMBER 4, 2019 | written by Steve Ulrich
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>> This morning's word count - 743.
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2. The Cupcake Business
Scheduling FCS Foes is All About the Benjamins

"Penn State embarrassed a really, really bad Idaho team Saturday, 79-7, and by this point, we all know why these kinds of games are played.
Big teams eat up the cupcake opponents, who in turn get tons of money to take back to their campus and use it to fund the rest of their athletic department.
That’s how the business of college sports works around the country, for better or worse.
But why, specifically, did Penn State play Idaho, an FCS opponent that might be the worst visiting team ever at Beaver Stadium? There’s an interesting back story, and I’ll get to it in a bit.

Staying close to home, I was asked this by a half-dozen people over the past couple of days: If PSU is going to play Idaho and pay that school a whopping $1.45 million for the game, why can’t the Lions throw a bone to Saint Francis and schedule a game against the FCS program from Loretto?"

>> Read More from Corey Giger, Altoona Mirror 

>> DYK: FBS football programs hand out 85 full scholarships. FCS schools are permitted a maximum of 63 scholarships which can be divided into partial scholarships. Saint Francis' conference - The Northeast Conference - permits just 45. Division II programs are permitted 36 scholarships.

>> Cha-Ching: Idaho made $1.2M for a trip to Florida last year and was supposed to receive $1.4M for a trip to LSU next fall. 

3. Today's Tweet

Juniata lost its opening men's soccer match to Transylvania, 2-1, but Charlie Kovach's goal certainly caught our eye. 

4. Polls, Polls and More Polls

  1. Emory (69)
  2. Calvin (9)
  3. Juniata
  4. UW-Eau Claire
  5. Claremont-M-S
  6. Johnson & Wales (R.I.)
  7. Trinity (Texas)
  8. Wittenberg
  9. Berry
  10. Colorado College
11. Gustavus Adolphus, 12. UW-Whitewater, 13. Chicago, 14. Christopher Newport, 15. Ithaca, 16. Wesleyan (Conn.), 17. Hope, 18. Babson, 19. Carthage, 20. Mary Hardin-Baylor, 21. Ohio Northern, 22. Saint Benedict, 23. Pacific Lutheran, 24. Illinois Wesleyan, 25. Washington-St. Louis.

>> Big Movers: +10: Berry, +8: Christopher Newport, +7: Trinity (Texas), Gustavus Adolphus.

>> Big Drops: -11: Washington-St. Louis, Illinois Wesleyan, -5 Mary Hardin-Baylor

>> Welcome: Carthage, Pacific Lutheran.

>> Bye-Bye: Aurora, Bowdoin

5. News You Can Use

Today's top-25 matchups

Field Hockey
(4) Messiah at (19) Ursinus (watch)

Soccer (W)
(16) Johns Hopkins at (7) Messiah (watch)

(22) Saint Benedict at (4) UW-Eau Claire (watch)
(19) Carthage at (12) UW-Whitewater (watch)
(24) Illinois Wesleyan at (25) Washington-St. Louis (watch)

    6.  Comings ... 

    7. ... and Goings
    8. Today's Number: 45

    Feel like you missed your moment to become a billionaire tech baron who is being hauled in front of Congress now that your startup is a megacompany? Don’t worry! You don’t have to have founded a company in college to have the honor. A group of economists analyzed the fastest growing startups started from 2007 to 2014 and found that the company’s founders were 45 years-old at the time of the company’s creation, on average.

    courtesy of New York Times
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