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No Walk in the Park for CSI

SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 | written by Steve Ulrich
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1. No Walk in the Park for CSI

"It didn’t take long for the College of Staten Island’s administrators and coaches to figure out that moving up to NCAA Division II from Division III wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.
“The application (to the NCAA) is hard,” athletic director Charles Gomes said of the early stages of a process that began at least a couple of years ago and came to fruition in July when the NCAA granted CSI provisional Division II status. “A lot of work. A lot of detail. It’s not just our department. It’s how it works with admissions, the registrar. Everyone here stepped up.

“The biggest change, which is constant, is educating our whole staff. Because the (D-II) rules are so different. What you can and can’t do. We couldn’t do this, but now we can. (We have had to) learn a whole new set of rules in a very short time.”

>> Between the Lines: The NCAA approved CSI's move in July, so the first class of recruits that will see D-II scholarship money will be the high school class of 2020.

>> What They're Saying: "As soon as (they) hear Division II, there's way more interest. From athletes, from coaches, from families." - Nicole Sarcone, head women's basketball coach

>> Worth Noting: CSI teams will not have conference championships to compete for in 2019-20, as the Dolphins are no longer a formal member of the CUNYAC. CSI will fulfill previous commitments and play full regular-season schedules vs. the CUNY teams one last time.

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2. Hopkins Pays Tribute to Late Coach

Seventh-ranked Johns Hopkins had just lost its Centennial Conference football opener in the final eight seconds to Susquehanna, 28-27. But shortly afterwards, about 400 players, coaches and parents filed into the Newton White Athletic Center to witness the unveiling of a hallway display playing tribute to former head coach Jim Margraff, who died on January 2.

>> The Big Picture
“We are certainly honoring a legacy of excellence that has been established by this program,” Johns Hopkins athletic director Jennifer S. Baker said. "We are honoring Hopkins and the support Hopkins gives this program. We’re honoring one another, and more importantly, we’re honoring the man who brought us all together.”

>> Reality Check: Those who attended the celebration were treated to plates of pulled pork and corn, which was in line with Margraff's wishes, according to Grant Kelly, associate AD at Hopkins. “He would say, ‘Grant, can we just get rid of all the fluff, just get some kegs of beer, get some barbecue, get everyone together as a family, and have some fun?’ ” Kelly recalled. “So that’s what we did today in honor of Coach Margraff.”

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3. Inside the Top 10

How did teams inside the top 10 do over the weekend? Let's take a look.

Field Hockey - NFHCA
  1. Middlebury (d. #9 Bowdoin, 1-0; d. #18 Babson, 2-0)
  2. Rowan (d. Haverford, 1-0)
  3. Tufts (d. #14 Rochester, 3-1)
  4. Salisbury (d. Cabrini, 5-1)
  5. College of New Jersey (d. #7 Messiah, 3-1)
  6. Vassar (d. Smith, 2-0)
  7. Messiah (lost to #5 TCNJ, 3-1)
  8. Johns Hopkins (d. Catholic, 6-0)
  9. Bowdoin (lost to #1 Middlebury, 1-0)
  10. Montclair State (idle)
Football -
  1. Mary Hardin-Baylor (d. Albright, 56-15
  2. Mount Union (idle)
  3. UW-Whitewater (d. Concordia-Moorhead, 20-10)
  4. Saint John's (idle)
  5. North Central (idle)
  6. St. Thomas (idle)
  7. Johns Hopkins (lost to Susquehanna, 28-27)
  8. Muhlenberg (d. Dickinson, 38-9)
  9. Hardin-Simmons (d. Trinity, 16-10)
  10. Bethel (d. UW-River Falls, 38-20)
Soccer (M) - United Soccer Coaches
  1. Tufts (d. #25 Brandeis, 2-0)
  2. SUNY Oneonta (d. Sage, 1-0)
  3. Oglethorpe (lost to #14 Washington and Lee, 2-1)
  4. John Carroll (d. Denison, 1-0)
  5. Johns Hopkins (d. Bridgewater, 2-0)
  6. Amherst (d. Hamilton, 3-0)
  7. Chicago (tied Rowan, 1-1)
  8. Claremont-M-S (d. St. Thomas, 2-1)
  9. Augsburg (lost to #24 Luther, 2-1)
  10. North Park (lost to Rowan, 3-1)
Soccer (W) - United Soccer Coaches
  1. Williams (lost to Wesleyan, 2-1; tied Springfield, 1-1)
  2. William Smith (d. Geneseo, 2-1)
  3. Messiah (d. Carnegie Mellon, 3-0)
  4. Christopher Newport (d. Methodist, 11-0)
  5. Middlebury (d. Bowdoin, 2-1)
  6. Wheaton, Ill. (d. UW-La Crosse, 1-0)
  7. College of New Jersey (d. #21 Stevens, 3-1)
  8. Johns Hopkins (d. Rowan, 2-0)
  9. St. Thomas (idle)
  10. Washington-St. Louis (d. DePauw, 4-1)
Volleyball - AVCA
  1. Emory (lost to #3 Claremont-M-S 3-0; d. #6 Juniata 3-0); d. Cal Lutheran 3-0)
  2. Calvin (d. Messiah 3-0; d. Christopher Newport 3-1; d. Cabrini 3-0)
  3. Claremont-M-S (d. #1 Emory 3-0; d. Washington-St. Louis 3-1; lost to #6 Juniata 3-1)
  4. Berry (d. Heidelberg 3-2; d. #14 Wittenberg 3-0; lost to #21 Ohio Northern 3-2)
  5. Johnson & Wales (d. Springfield 3-1; d. Stevens 3-1; d. Roger Williams 3-0)
  6. Juniata (lost to #11 Trinity TX 3-1; lost to #1 Emory 3-0; d. #6 Claremont-M-S 3-1)
  7. Colorado College (lost to Transylvania 3-2; d. Birmingham-Southern 3-0; d. Whitworth 3-0)
  8. Chicago (d. Dubuque 3-1; d. North Park 3-0)
  9. UW-Eau Claire (d. St. Thomas 3-0; lost to Carthage 3-1; d. Gustavus 3-0)
  10. Carnegie Mellon (lost to Susquehanna 3-0; d. W&J 3-0; d. #13 Hope 3-1; d. Muskingum 3-0)
4. Goal-Mouth Arc Approved in Men's Lacrosse

"The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved adding an arc within the goal-crease area to clearly define the “goal mouth” in men’s lacrosse.
Starting with the 2020 season, the new arc will extend 6 feet from the center of the goal line to the goal lines extended. NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee members think this adjustment will address concerns raised by head coaches and officials in the most recently completed men’s lacrosse rules survey.
Offensive players are prohibited from jumping or diving then subsequently landing in the newly defined goal mouth. In addition, the penalty for initiating contact with the goalkeeper within the goal mouth will result in no goal and a one-minute penalty. Landing in the goal mouth without contacting the goalkeeper will result in no goal and loss of possession."

5.  Comings and Goings 


6.  Play of the Day I

7.  Play of the Day II

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