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An Existential Threat

SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 | written by Steve Ulrich
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1. "An Existential Threat"

"With name, image and likeness rights becoming a boiling point for college sports, NCAA president Mark Emmert said Tuesday that granting athletes such rights would be an "existential threat" to the collegiate model.
Emmert on Tuesday, while speaking to a group of Division I athletic directors, called the current debate over name, image and likeness rights the "single biggest issue" in his almost-decade on the job.
California governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign into law the Fair Pay to Play Act, a bill that would grant athletes in that state the ability to profit off their name, image and likeness. That would include the ability for players to earn money from commercials, endorsements and other business ventures.
The NCAA Board of Governors told California legislators that such a law is "unconstitutional" and could render ineligible college athletes at the 58 NCAA schools in that state."

>> Situational Awareness: "NCAA, don't threaten California. Don't threaten us." - Bill sponsor Rep. Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D)

>> What They're Saying: "My personal view is folks in general think that every student-athlete is going to be making hundreds of thousands of dollars," Emmert told CBS Sports. "One or two will be making some significant amount of money. Nobody else will."

>> Reality Check: SEC student-athlete representative Blake Ferguson, an LSU long snapper, told CBS Sports earlier this year he "makes" $12,000 a year counting scholarship checks, cost of attendance and other NCAA-allowed benefits.

>> Keep Reading courtesy of Dennis Dodds, CBS Sports

2. Lehe Named Managing Director of Communications

The NCAA has tapped a seasoned and respected college sports communications professional to oversee its branding and strategy efforts at the national office.  
Gina Lehe, senior director of external relations and branding for the College Football Playoff, will begin her role as managing director of communications—strategy and branding, on Nov. 4. She will report to Bob Williams, senior vice president of communications, and work closely with Erik Christianson, managing director of communications, as part of the NCAA communications leadership team.

>> What They're Saying: “Gina has proven herself as an accomplished senior communicator while growing a respected brand within the college sports environment,” Williams said. “We are delighted she is joining our team to advocate for student-athletes in all sports and all divisions.”

>> Between the Lines: Lehe will oversee efforts to continually frame the mission of college sports in the context of higher education and support the core purpose, goals and values of the NCAA. These efforts include utilizing primary research, branded content, communications planning, live events and targeted marketing communication efforts.

3. NECC Announces Sportsmanship Initiative

The New England Collegiate Conference (NECC) has announced the launch of its Sportsmanship Initiative for the 2019-2020 academic year, and beyond. With the implementation of the Sportsmanship Initiative, the NECC will renew its emphasis on sportsmanship through consistent messaging and programming, as well as continued education of student-athletes and administrators.
The initiative will build upon the positive steps that have been put in place by the conference, including a successful Game Day the DIII Way training, hosted by Dean College, in the 2018-19 academic year. Per the NCAA, the goal of the program is to improve the behavior of parents and fans, and ensure that all Division III student-athletes have a rewarding experience.  The NECC will also continue to honor those student-athletes who excel in the area of sportsmanship, as every school in each respective sport will have the opportunity to nominate a student-athlete for the Del Malloy All-Sportsmanship team."

>> Why It Matters: "Within the NECC, sportsmanship is of the utmost importance within all of our athletic competitions and we expect our student-athletes to compete with honor and integrity." - Jacob VanRyn, NECC commissioner

4. Polls
Cross Country (M) - USTFCCCA
  1. North Central
  2. Williams
  3. Washington-St. Louis
  4. Wartburg
  5. UW-La Crosse
  6. Carnegie Mellon
  7. Claremont-M-S
  8. Calvin
  9. Johns Hopkins
  10. Pomona-Pitzer (tie)
  11. MIT (tie)
12. Chicago, 13. SUNY Geneseo, 14. Carleton, 15. Bates, 16. Rensselaer, 17. Otterbein, 18. Emory, 19. Amherst, 20. Haverford.

21. UC Santa Cruz, 22. Middlebury, 23. John Carroll, 24. Dickinson, 25. UW-Stevens Point, 26. Rochester, 27. Berea, 28. St. Olaf, 29, UW-Stout, 30. Case Western Reserve.

31. WPI, 32. Brockport, 33, UW-Eau Claire, 34. Connecticut College, 35. St. Lawrence.

>> Moving Up: Dickinson (+6), St. Olaf (+3)
>> Moving Down: UW-Stevens Point (-4), UW-Stout (-4)
>> Hello: WPI, St. Lawrence.
>> Bye-Bye: Elizabethtown, St. Thomas.

>> The Key Stat: North Central has tied a modern-era program record with its 24th consecutive week atop the poll.

Cross Country (W) - USTFCCCA
  1. Johns Hopkins
  2. Chicago
  3. Washington-St. Louis
  4. Williams
  5. MIT
  6. Claremont-M-S
  7. SUNY Geneseo
  8. Tufts
  9. Carleton
  10. Rensselaer
11. Dickinson, 12. UW-La Crosse, 13. Rochester, 14. Pomona-Pitzer, 15. Oberlin, 16. UW-Eau Claire, 17. Wartburg, 18. Hope, 19. Middlebury, 20. St. Thomas.

21. Carnegie Mellon, 22. Baldwin Wallace, 23. Washington and Lee, 24. Wesleyan, Conn., 25. Case Western Reserve, 26. UC Santa Cruz, 27. Elmhurst, 28. TCNJ, 29. Centre, 30. Coast Guard, 31. John Carroll, T32. Messiah, T32. St. Olaf, 34. UW-Stevens Point, 35. Emory.

>> Moving Up: UW-La Crosse (+7), Washington and Lee (+6)
>> Moving Down: Emory (-10), UW-Eau Claire (-5)
>> Hello: Elmhurst, Centre, UW-Stevens Point
>> Bye-Bye: Bates, St. Norbert, RIT

>> The Key Stat: Johns Hopkins rises to the No. 1 spot for the 49th time in the past seven years. Elmhurst is in the national rankings for the first time in program history.


5.  Comings and Goings 

6.  Quotable


7.  Football, Futbol

Only one NCAA Division III institution is undefeated in football, men's soccer and women's soccer through Sept. 24.

Middlebury (@MiddAthletics)
  • Football: 2-0
  • Men's Soccer: 4-0-2
  • Women's Soccer: 5-0-1
One other Division III program does not sponsor football but is undefeated in M/W soccer.

Connecticut College (@CamelAthletics)
  • Men's Soccer: 5-0-1
  • Women's Soccer: 6-0
Middlebury plays host to both Connecticut College teams on Saturday on the pitch.

8.  Referee Injured by Cannon Blast

"Touchdown cannon blasts are not rare in football. Hitting a referee in the process, however, is a new one.
At a Maine Maritime Academy football game over the weekend, a referee took a literal cannon shot to the face, and is in recovery following the injury. News Center Maine has the video, and more information on the situation."
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